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  1. “Self adjusting speedometer” ?? put Sahara tires on your rubi?
  2. Taking care of the leather seats

    Have the leather off almost daily, been off road on trails, they look great. Cleaned them just a few times in 6 mos
  3. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Thanks! Black Rhino Armory - 35 Ko2’s - Mopar Lift. ;)
  4. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Had some fun in Chattanooga
  5. Popping out of 4 low

    Thanks for the reply! Yea, hoping it was just some flaky shifting....I won’t worry about it!
  6. Popping out of 4 low

    Oh, sorry - forgot to answer your questions. 7,000 miles - was the first time on 4 LO with it today ;) - first time (with my JL) getting it on the trails. Don’t judge me! ;)
  7. Popping out of 4 low

    Thanks for the quick reply! I tried it when I got home just around my neighborhood and it seems to be fine and stays in ;) Yea, I think I just never really engaged it correctly on that last time on the trail. What’s funnny is that they say you should be rolling 1-5 mph - but on a trail (esp if...
  8. Popping out of 4 low

    @DanW ever had this happen? Wanted to ask you cause I know you have the mopar lift as well. Is it related to that? Curious.
  9. Popping out of 4 low

    Used 4 low a lot on a trail today. Once (with a pretty rough shift into 4 low) after a few minutes it popped into neutral. I’m guessing cause maybe it never fully shifted into 4 low? Anyone else had this happen?
  10. Rubicon-Hard to find

    Well, here’s the average on this tank so far....and it’s gone up from that...just took this right now. And yes, my speedo is calibrated
  11. Rubicon-Hard to find

    I have a 2.0 Rubi - with 35s and a lift and I’m still getting 21 MPG average. I do have the soft top tho
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally enjoying a hint of spring weather
  13. Mopar Lift (2.0 Engine) - Exceeded expectations

    Ordered it from autoplicity. Make sure you get the JL one.
  14. Mopar Lift (2.0 Engine) - Exceeded expectations

    No prob! Good luck! Don’t be nervous about getting it. It’s worth it...and the ride is SO nice