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  1. Highest Mileage Problem-Free JL?

    Just particularly curious. Anyone have high miles on a JL with zero dealer warranty trips? There’s gotta be some.
  2. Is Chrysler/Dealer financing a good/bad option?

    As the thread implies. I'm probably ordering this weekend, and dealers often want to talk in-house financing. Should it be avoided? Do rates tend to be higher? Is it worth the savings? Thanks, community!
  3. Would you still buy a Wrangler if Jeep did not build custom orders?

    For those of you that did make a custom factory order, and purchase it, would you still have purchased a Wrangler if that option wasn't available? In other words, how important was it for you to get *exactly* what you want to the T, instead of picking from vanilla dealer inventory?
  4. Is JL initial build quality and reliability truly bad?

    Curious as to the community's input on this. Between weld quality, early electronic gremlins, massive production delays, and a fair slew of new owners getting stranded, or needing service immediately into ownership, what's your take? Is build quality and initial reliability acceptable on this...
  5. Has anyone ordered the unicorn?

    Loaded Rubicons and Saharas? Those are everywhere. Has anyone ordered the rarity that is a 2-door Sport *drumroll* without tacking on A/C? Even further, the full unicorn would be absolutely ZERO options. Has anyone here done that? That's some status.
  6. JL Wrangler **Base Model Club**

    For all those JL Sport buyers (I guess JLU Sport buyers can come too)! Bask in your stripped down homage to the days of the CJ as you hand crank your windows, wonder what the premium soft top is like, potentially wish you had A/C, and cringe at the sight of your base-ass rims. Who's ordered...