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  1. Soft top or Hard top standard?

    I think it comes down to personal preference. I prefer a soft top. I like the freedom of having it as closed up, or as opened up as I want. I have owned 5 jeeps now, and all had a soft top. With that said, I ordered a hard top for my JLUR, since I'm planning some longer road trips, and its...
  2. Duck Duck Jeep: Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Free Rubber Ducks at the Detroit Auto Show

    I thought the duck stuff was kinda dumb as well, but my kids are really into it. They get excited every time our jeep gets a duck, and they love passing the ducks onto other jeeps we run across. So, i'm onboard with the ducking. If that's what it takes to put a smile one someone's face...
  3. JL shaking on freeway

    So many things can cause this but its almost always wear and tear. Lots of things that need to be checked off the list. Including: worn control arm bushings (uppers / lowers / axle side / frame side) Worn knuckles bent wheels tie rod play track bar play Steering stabilizer Sway bar linkages...
  4. Roof rack / cross bars / kayak

    I would say that I didn’t notice it. My perspective might be skewed… I have owned many jeeps (CJ/YJ/TJ) and the JL is quieter by leaps and bounds. Almost to the point you don’t know your in a wrangler.
  5. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    What compressor did you go with? Ran into my first issue this week trying to air up on a cheap amazon compressor that would over heat for each tire. Ended up taking ~2hrs to air up.
  6. Step Brothers

    Having owned a CJ7 which had a curb weight of 2700lbs and now going to a JLU with a curb weight of 4500lbs... I just don't like how big heavy these things are getting. The Bronco is heavier at a curb weight of nearly 4900k lbs.
  7. Mounting tires at home

    For those of you who mount / demount tiers and wheels at home. What tools are you using the get the job done? I prefer to turn my own wrench when I can, but have never tried to debead a tire from a wheel at home... or is this a waste of my time and I should just drive up to the local tire...
  8. 392 XR or not to XR

    The 392 package already has most of the benefits of the XR. You get the bigger HD axles bigger breaks Factory lift beadlock capable wheels Adding the XR package will get you: 35inch tiers flares extensions reinforced tailgate deeper gearing If getting the 392, I would personally pass on...
  9. Retractable steps for my '19 JL

    If there is a will then there is a way.
  10. North Carolina Pain Train is for sale. HUGE Opportunity for someone. XD60/80, 40’s, Blower.

    This thing looks amazing. Someone getting a great deal out of this... wish i had some extra cash on hand.
  11. Mopar Introduces Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets

    Personally think the best investment for driving in rain is to use RainX. This also works well when your windshield gets splashed with mud. 5.99 for a bottle. Re-apply once every 3ish months. Bottle should last a...
  12. Do you think there will be a 2024 392? Or any other V8 Wrangler ever again?

    Fairly sure the TJ had a bigger engine bay. Couldnt find dimensions to compare. Having had both a JL and a TJ, the TJ for sure felt more spacious under the hood.
  13. Rockslide Engineering steps on 22 JLUXR? Do you have to trim for eTorque model?

    My understanding is that this is added to all JLs and JTs going forward and is there to help in preventing rollovers in small overlap head on collisions. I seem to recall reading this somewhere, but I am having trouble finding that source. If anyone knows otherwise, would like to have it...
  14. Stop/start question

    Shift into park quicker once you are fully in the garage. The auto-start/stop takes a second to shutoff the engine once the jeep is at a complete stop. Just shift into P before that, or use neutral if you are uncomfortable doing that.
  15. Idaho 392 (non-XR) Bead Lock Rims Set of 5

    Thats a very good deal, GL with the sale
  16. Roof rack / cross bars / kayak

    I purchased these and was able to strap down 3 surfboards to it for a 800+ road trip mostly highway. So far they have been holding strong and took all of about 10 minutes to install. I kayak is a bit heftier, but not so much that it would be a problem. I wouldn't go putting a RTT on it...
  17. Jeepers with kids

    I'm 6'4'' my wife is 6'. Kids are 9 and 11 y/o and have plenty of room. We have done a few day trips, and 1 long road trip... seating and space have not been a problem. Not as much room as our crew cab truck, but the jeep has more than enough to get the job done.
  18. No matter how far Jeeps have come... I still miss my XJ :( Do you folks ever miss your old babies?

    I miss my older jeeps, sure. I miss the heck out of my CJ... it was so raw and analog. I loved it. Didnt have AC, doors, or a radio. But man did I love that jeep. I miss my first TJ the most (profile pic), I took that thing everywhere and it was super capable with so few modifications...
  19. Extreme Recon package a much better daily driver ride than a regular regeared Rubicon?

    Quite a few posts that cover the benefits of the package. Mopar beadlock wheels 35s Fenders extensions 1.5 inches of added lift over standard Rubicon HD axles: Iron Knuckles Thicker tube axles (more than 30% thicker over standard Rubicon) Bigger breaks 4.56 gearing While the 1.5 inch lift...
  20. Tell us your Jeep flipover story. Rolls also accepted.

    Was 16 and stupid (need i say more?) Couple of friends helped push it back onto its feet, put air in a tire and drove off... I did have to replace the windshield and frame.