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  1. Rear window removal possible for hard top?

    I think if the two side glass on my 2 dof, rremove thr rear hatch glass and pull the 2 freedom panels It should be able to be exhaust free at most speed unless you are parkland the wind hits the exact angle to push it thru the top. Nest ;tsk to the two front and only door off and I think you’ll...
  2. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO* update....Outraged!.....Lawyers

    Mention and research the lemon law . I’m not sure if it applies but it might especially after three repairs For the same item. It might cover them not repairing it until it is convenient for them a good lawyer is past due.
  3. The Trasharoo Problem

    I was thinking if possible get a license plate backup camera and hook upto the faCory system if it was possible
  4. Help! Is there much of a difference with a 33” vs 35” tire?

    How much did the 35’s raise you vehicle to the poster how did put 35‘s on I have a rubicon with 33’s and need to know how much it raises the body with and without the lift. In my mind going from\ 33’s to 35’s should raise it around 1” is that correct
  5. Help need translation for an mil light code 1PCEA

    I had my tpms and engine light come on about the same time so I’m hoping the engine light is from low air pressure. We had a cold snap and snow a week or so ago ans both lights came on that morning when I headed to the doctor. The Tom’s went off as the weather improved the air pressure went...
  6. The Trasharoo Problem

    Same problem wondering if you could use a license mount backup camera and connect it to the factory input? That sound like the nest solution to me as my plate is on the drivers side of the bumper.
  7. Home made camper trailer

    How much did it cost you if you do not mind. It looks great if you could wrap one in hellayella I might buy one from you.
  8. Anyway to add off road info to 8.4uconnect radios gps?

    I was hoping for somethingthat worked with the built in gps I have giai but didn’t know until last night that it worked with car play.
  9. Arizona Owners- Anyone else into Long Range Shooting?

    I use to stock up on components a couple times a year at sass big matches like the national and world championships I would call a couple months prior to each let them know the powder, how much how manny flats of each primers I needed and then make another call to my bullet suppler and give him...
  10. 15,000 mile service?

    So everyone is following the service schedule? Jeep doesn’t have a severe service schedule like most manufacturers is that because they figure most jeeps fit in that category already?
  11. Anyone have power steps?

    Since I have the rubicon recon I have 2-2.5” lift and 35’s iirc ans I have no trouble stepping on it the getting in the vehicle. Without I was having to lower the seat all the way push up on my toes and brace my arms and fight my way on the seat.
  12. Anyway to add off road info to 8.4uconnect radios gps?

    I use onX maps app and giai app for off road trail research anyway other than goggle maps or Apple Maps to load off road data/tripplans to built in gps?
  13. Backup camera relocation

    I’m wanting to relocate my facto backup camera or replace it with an aftermarket one I have somewhere. The reason is if I mount a trasharoo it would cover it as the spare tire is the only place I have to mount it. The aftermarket one I have is a license plate mount setup with ground and power...
  14. Arizona Owners- Anyone else into Long Range Shooting?

    I have a ruger prs but I’m not that good at shooting long distances I’m more of an action pistol guy use to shoot sass until my hands went numb it wasn’t safe competing anymore.
  15. Garmin inReach units

    I’m thinking about getting one soon my guess is the built in sos in the Jeep requires cell service not satellite anyone know for sure.
  16. New Rubi Recon - Sting Gray - Phoenix/Mesa

    I ordered a hellayella 2020 back in March received in june
  17. CB installation

    Easy if you can take the test next test in my area is after the new year. And that is several hours away
  18. Any Jeep clubs in the south central New Mexico area

    I. Looking for a jeepclub to wheel with close to the Alamogordo area. Are they any?
  19. Anyone have the AMP power steps on their JL?

    I havethem on my 2020 rubicon recon and really love them. They were a necessity for me or go with smaller tires and loose the clearance. If you do the math for 5 tires mounted and balanced I’d bet the steps are cheaper,