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  1. Alabama Jeep Parts for Sale

    Vector Rear Rack Platform ( - $260 This is barely used. its the platform is bare aluminum and the brackets are hammer tone grey Quadratic tailgate table ( - $180 The...
  2. Arizona Sold: Leaving town sale: 3.5 ROUGH COUNTRY LIFT with control arm correction brackets.

    Includes everything pictured. I'm out in the west valley. Looking to get $300 $175 > $125 Around 7k miles on the suspension. Nothing wrong with it at all. There is a stock drive shaft, stock control arms and frame cross member in the picture that are not needed to the lift that I am just giving...
  3. 2.5 AEV Dualsport on JLUD

    I just had the AEV dual sport installed at a shop. My concern is that the driver side sway bar is about 1mm from touching the new coil. Meanwhile the passenger side sway bar looks like its at its normal spacing. Has anyone had this issue with any lift kits? What solutions have you all tried that...
  4. Info question about ECM

    Hello, I just took my JLUD for it’s 10k service and they said they flashed and update to the ECM. Does anyone know what this update addresses? Thanks!!