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  1. Is this part broken??

    Is this part circled in yellow by the steering stabilizer broken? I'm just now noticing
  2. Blind Spot Assist Temporarily Unavailable when Doors Off

    is this normal because it's the first time I'm noticing this? I'm assuming yes... since the mirrors with the warning lamps are on the doors i took off, but just wanted to double check..
  3. Flag Whip Mount Using Mopar Reinforcement Bracket

    Anybody have a setup with the Mopar Reinforcement bracket utilizing the 1/2 in. hole? I've ordered a Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder but i'm not sure if there is a better option?
  4. Mopar 82215367 Front Air Deflector

    While installing this deflector i broke the metal clip used to button up the ends (see below) and was wondering from those that are mechanically inclined, if you had a workaround. I'm sure this has happened to other since this is an aluminum part and the little tab is prone to braking off...
  5. Katzkin Leather Seat Covers...

    look what Lautaro got for Valentine's Day:involve:
  6. Missouri New Lower Skid JL/JT for JcrOffroad front bumpers Dagger & Defender - SKU# JLSD-FL

    My loss is your gain. Selling a new Lower Skid for JcrOffroad front bumpers Dagger & Defender - SKU JLSD-FL - Price: $130 shipped CONUS.
  7. Jeep Gladiator Rear Seat Storage interchangeable with JL?

    Does anyone know if the Gladiator Rear Seats are interchangeable with JL Unlimited Rubicon - the 60/40 seat cushion apparently lifts up where the JL's does not? I ask because they have a rear storage compartment that fits under the rear seat that is pretty cool if it was available for the JL...
  8. Katzkin Leather Seat Cover Installation

    What's the typical price for just the installation? I was just quoted $650 by a professional Katzkin authorized installer which seems high.
  9. Missouri Sold: Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 4 Door Rock Rails Sliders Factory Mopar OEM

    Upgrade Your Factory JL Sport or Sahara Rocker Panel Protection by installing these nice take-offs with less than 20K miles! Price is $150 + shipping -sold to 72afr Right Rock Rail Part Number: 68292910AD Left Rock Rail Part Number: 68292911AD Hardware Fastener Sizes: 6 - M8 x 1.25 x 30 Bolts...
  10. Missouri Sold: Rubicon Lift Suspension Take-Off (Mopar Wood Crate Included)

    like the title says, i have a like new Rubicon suspension taken out at 20K miles. These came off my JLUR with factory steel bumpers, hard top and & tow package. Includes factory shocks, springs etc to give the Jeep Sport the lift needed to fit 33 & possibly even 35' tires. Adds roughly...
  11. AmFib Snorkel on Bright White JL (paint or not to paint)

    anybody on the forum with a Bright White JL or JT hat has installed the AmFib & color matched theirs, can you please show your pics. Just wanted to get an idea on how it would look painted vs plain black.
  12. Parts Required to Regear from 4:10 to 4:88

    i have a manual JLUR currently running '37 on stock gear and was wondering what are the parts that i would need to purchase to regear to 4:88 ratio. Since my jeep has <30K miles, i'm hoping to reuse as many parts as possible to keep the cost down. The main reason for regearing is to gain back...
  13. Need Help! ABS & Brake Light On After Disengaging E-Brake..

    All of the sudden when i disengage the e-brake to drive, the ABS & Brake lights comes on. However if i ignore and proceed to drive, the lights go away. Is this dangerous - my Jeep is a 6 Speed manual.
  14. Bolts for Factor 55 Fairlead

    Does anyone know where i can purchase bolts with acorn nut like these to attach my bracket and Factor 55 Fairlead:
  15. 1.75' Rear Wheel Spacers on 37'

    if any of you are running a similar set up can you post pictures of your rig.
  16. Tazer Mini Question

    Do loose all of your programmed settings if you remove the Tazer Mini from your Jeep?
  17. J130764-JL - Hammerhead Bottom Trim Pinch Weld Cover

    Are any of you running this along with your rock sliders and if so, can you post pictures of fitness and appearanc.
  18. Body Mount Bolts

    I was installing the LOD Signature Rock Sliders over the weekend and i had to loosen the body bolts to get the frame to fit. They were on very tight but i managed to get two turns enough for the washer to move. These bolts are still on very tight so should i just let them alone or tighten them...
  19. Missouri Sold: NIB Mopar 68335706AB Cargo Gap Cover Mounting Bracket

    those of you with cloth seats wanting to add the Cargo Area Carpet Gap Cover will need this metal bracket. If interested i can do $26 shipped and i accept PayPal. SFP Kve312
  20. Part number for clips for Cargo Gap Area Carpet (Mopar 6JX46TX7AC) ?

    Would you guys know the part number to the retaining clips that go on the cargo gap area carpet in order to attach it back on to the mounting bracket (68335706AB)?