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  1. Long arm kit help!

    My shocks are totally fine. It doesn’t bend at full flex and doesn’t limit my travel at all. It’s just the springs and agm sliders aren’t pretty anymore. Just like my wheels and axles and all the other parts I have on it 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. Long arm kit help!

    My shocks has been hittin the frame since the install with the AGM sliders and it has been fine. There’s nothing you can do to avoid that with the EVO kit along with 2.5 king. I’ve been wheeling it hard with no problem except for the harsh and stiff ride lol
  3. Long arm kit help!

    Sounds like pony tail guy and YouTube channel got you buying EVO products 🤣 I have the EVO long arm coilover kit for over 2yrs now. A little over a year with UD60s. I know exactly how you feel about EVO specially their bumper drilling holes and stinger does not line up, but mostly my coilovers...
  4. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Let me know when you go to fordyce. I live in Stockton and can tag along with you, lol. I’ve been wanting to go there but I don’t have nobody to go with and don’t want to go alone.
  5. 40s ONLY!

    I trimmed mine and got an alignment. You have to pust the axle out as much as you can.
  6. 40s ONLY!

    I just removed the front inner fenders after this trip. I’m on coilovers and I’ve adjusted them plenty of times so I don’t know anymore how much lift I’m running, lol. I have the UD60. Thank you. So far so good. I need to take off the inner fenders in the rear now and maybe trim a little bit on...
  7. 40s ONLY!

    KMC Hex on Nittos.
  8. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    KMC Hex on 40s instsgram: jeepney209
  9. California KMC Grenade Crawl Beadlocks

    still for sale.
  10. California KMC Grenade Crawl Beadlocks

    It’s probably around $100-150
  11. California KMC Grenade Crawl Beadlocks

    Still available!
  12. California KMC Grenade Crawl Beadlocks

    its $425 a piece.
  13. California Sold: KMC Grenade Crawl Beadlocks

    Up for sale 5 brand new KMC grenade crawl beadlocks 17x9 5x5 -38 $1800. I’ve decided to go UD60 and these wheels are no longer needed. Located in NorCal. Prefer local pick up.
  14. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    Are you running on stock axles? I’ve been thinking about switching from Patagonia’s 38s to KM3 39s. I’m just a little worried about cutting/chopping to avoid rubbage issues.