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  1. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    😂 That was said in complete jest. I'm really eyeing those chrome 20 inch rims for my XR :CWL:
  2. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    I'm probably the odd man out here but I'm actually hoping my delivery date is after the first of the year. If my new Jeep comes in after the first and I sell my current Jeep before the first I won't pay any personal property taxes on either one next year. That will save me well over a grand...
  3. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    I'm in the same boat. Got my VIN from the dealer but the tracker still says no VIN.
  4. Electric range fell short for the first time

    I'm not the expert but I would say that if you are running all electric something has to generate the heat and run the fan so I wouldn't expect full mileage with other things running.
  5. Dealership is replacing my '21 Rubi. Need to vent. (Happy ending looking likely!)

    The BFD is when you get FUBAR by the SNAFU with the ICE that means you get the BOHICA from FCA
  6. Essential Tools for Off-Roading Jeep Adventure

    I carry most of that everywhere I go, not just off-roading.
  7. Etsy Door Holder Rack

    When I made mine, I drilled small holes in the PVC and used several screws to hold it to the platform, but I used a wood furniture dolly. You may be able to do the same but use bolts through the bottom of the cart instead of screws. U-Bolts would work as well but, depending on where you put...
  8. What do you do with your doors when you take them off?

    I'm going to see if I can find a set of sturdy metal dining table chairs at a yard sale or thrift shop and make one of those. It doesn't look too hard and I already have most of the hardware I would need. I already made a carrier out of a furniture dolly and PVC pipe, but I made it a bit too big.
  9. What do you do with your doors when you take them off?

    Go to Lowes and buy one of those drywall panel carriers and put some foam where it contacts the door.
  10. maximum windspeed for jeep wrangler?

    Thanks for that pic. I'm trying to lose some weight and that put me right off my breakfast. 😂
  11. Doors without the bolts

    My bolts haven't been in since I bought my Jeep. The previous owner took them out and I never put them back in. Is it just me or did anyone else look around the door hinge in the link for corrosion :CWL:
  12. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    A fire extinguisher is the first thing I buy for any car I drive. That and a decent first aid kit.
  13. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    I got my VIN a couple days after ordering, but i'm still C.
  14. To Idle or Not Idle

    Is it safe if I redirect some of the propane heat so it warms up the blinker fluid to the proper operating temp?
  15. Badges

    I ran Peters Mill Run in Va in mid August and the badge is still "Requested". I saw some other guys who ran it two days before me that had the badge in a little over a week.
  16. Is there a dedicated thread to Willys models?

    W We do that in Southern VA too 🤣
  17. Buying a used JL today, opinions?

    That's exactly why I ordered a Willy's Sport instead of a Willy's. I can't be bothered by not having power everything and I can get LED headlights and foglights for half of what the package costs on the Willy's. Going with the Willy's Sport with the XR package left me plenty of cash for mods...
  18. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    It sucks that you're having such a time with all of this. I wouldn't give up on Jeep just yet. I was having a lot of trouble with one dealer in particular and I finally found one who actually gives a shit about customers and business.
  19. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I just got the call to drop mine off in the morning. They're giving me a rental and hopefully I'll have it back in a week or so.