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  1. Auto start/stop bypass question

    just another PITA nanny, but easily defeated unlike others. so much useless junk pushed by government laws!!
  2. 2020 Ford Bronco and baby Bronco models teased to take on Wrangler and Renegade?

    seeing the ranger being a warmed over model that never stopped overseas i expect little of a bronco + ford trucks being overpriced expect the same, but time will tell!
  3. Top Tier gas

    all gas must by law have a certain amount of cleaners etc, top tier gasses have more than required, but even though legally top tier some gasses like citgo is at the bottom of top tier while exxon-mobil + shell are at the top of the list. top tier is good BUT with direct injection alone it does...
  4. Is JL initial build quality and reliability truly bad?

    i like jeeps but $$$$ only go so far! bought a preowned 28 thou mile 2001 TT roadster 225Q, a fun ride for sure, but still interested in gladiator as i need a pickup. NO 4 doors for me so if they make a 2 door + it gets sorted out + i can afford one, prolly preowned i might buy! jeep needs a...

    in todays global economy aka parts purchased from the lowest bidder that supposedly meets the spec for said part. example is the many-many GM wheel bearing failures at very low miles + repeated failure if its replaced under warranty with another crappy part!!! sad but true as made in usa only...
  6. Any 2020 Jeep wrangler news?

    new designs = beta testers, fix the issues while not creating others is most important IMO
  7. GM Benchmarking Wrangler at Proving Grounds

    even though FCA quality is nothing to rave about anything made by GM these days is similar at best, but prolly worse! the money hungry manufacturers want bigger profit margins at the cost of poor quality + reliability IMO. even though technology has advanced its reliability in the first years of...
  8. Does anyone actually fold the windscreen down? I don't get it...

    much like a motorcycle, enjoying the fresh air experience! waiting + hoping for a 2 door version of the pickup.
  9. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    you bought a porky box + put your foot in the tank so thats what it is. when you step on it the turbo boosts pushing in more air + the injectors squirt more fuel so you don't burn a hole in your pistons. any turbo'd vehicle can get better mpg's IF you drive it conservatively + push the pedal...
  10. First look at production 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbo Hurricane engine

    OE's are cheap so no ball bearings + prolly no more than 10 lb boost for reliability. only performance minded models see higher boost. my 01 jetta showed 7 lb stock on the gauge i installed the 01 WRX i tested showed 15 on its factory gauge but very doggy at lower rpm's to protect their AWD...
  11. Does anyone actually fold the windscreen down? I don't get it...

    neat feature, surely would NOT use on road at 55 mph or so! no jeep yet but only the pickup will do as i need to haul + can't afford another toy. my 2001 TT roadster is my toy + the pickup would be a DD + coal hauler, will see what if it can do that
  12. Driving in snow with 12.50s

    as noted narrower is better for going as well as stopping + most all terrain are NOT snow-winter rated + get hard under 45 degrees. so for best winter traction narrower real winter-snow tires are best. an xtra setup is best, get narrower snow tires on narrower rims but maintain the same OD using...
  13. Jeep JL Wrangler 3.6L vs 2.0T HP/TQ curve comparison (dyno chart)

    with a slush box the manufacturer has more control over your driving!! a manual is surely more durable + YOU can better use the turbo! every new year it gets worse with more PITA stuff to limit your driving + protect fragile parts!!!
  14. First look at production 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbo Hurricane engine

    without the water cooling oil selection is even more critical for turbo health or not. typically OE turbos are sized for better response + low end torque, but with direct injection aggressive tuning is possible without pinging!
  15. First look at production 2.0L 4-Cylinder Turbo Hurricane engine

    twin scroll turbos are used a bit + internal wastegate is the norm, but ball bearing turbos are rarely OE except for high $$$$ vehicles. oil + water cooling are important for longevity along with top of line synthetic oils + frequent changes + of course REAL synthetic groups IV + V excell!!
  16. My JLUR was hauled off on a flatbed today... 1890 miles

    waiting + reading how this "story" ends as everyone can learn from misfortunes of others!!
  17. Dealership offering horsepower increase

    proper AFR's will help control heat, of course the OE tunes are for mpg's + EPA specs + as noted a choked up exhaust slows the total process. lots can be done BUT not by the manufacturers as they try to meet the requirements for noise + pollution!! todays DI allows a lot more aggressive tuning...
  18. Dealership offering horsepower increase

    a well designed turbo'd engine will have oil + water cooled turbo's + an after run water pump, otherwize idle it to let things cool while the fan + oil circulates. on that last note the very best oils to handle high heat + prevent coking are ester based + RedLine's products come to mind, also as...
  19. Dealership offering horsepower increase

    in reality the turbo'd engine out will be easily increased a LOT, more boost with proper fueling + timing adjustments can easily add 50 hp + torque on a modern direct injected turbo'd engine!!! free flowing exhaust will allow quicker + a bit mote boost even without an ECU tune!
  20. EPA MPG numbers published for 2.0L Turbo Wrangler JL

    as todays ECU's get "smarter" + able to adjust for variables allowing various grades of fuel. my friend commented the mid grade is a good comprise with noticeable improvement, but depending on your areas cost difference will be your choice. in my eastern pa location its +30 and +30 as grades...