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  1. Still No VON

    So I ordered my Willy's XR a couple days ago and I still haven't received a VON. I see some people say they get theirs almost immediately. I've never special ordered any car before so I'm wondering if it is normal to wait a few days before you get it? I know the VIN won't come until a bit later.
  2. Sway bar end link fitment

    Somehow, I blEw out a sway bar end link and found it on the way to the invasion. I looked around there and found a set of quick disconnects but they are for a JK. The guy at the booth said he didn't think they would work on a JL. My question is, will a JK end link fit a JL?
  3. Jeep Repair Time Listing

    Is there anywhere to find the repair times the dealers use to bill a repair? My jeep is at the stealership right now and they gave me the labor charges and the times don't seem right. They are billing an hour of labor to replace a brake hose. Thing looks like it should take 15 minutes to replace.
  4. Rear Brakes Hanging After Lift

    I just installed a three and a half inch rancho lift on my 18 jlu and after I got it aligned and took it out for a drive I could smell hot brakes. I got out and checked and the rear driver side brake is hanging and getting hot. I thought it may be the e-brake but the brake relocation bracket was...