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  1. Arizona Set of JL Rubicon D44 Axles for sale $3500

    Hi, how many miles on them? Would they come with rotors/brakes?
  2. Hiding underseat amps

    $100 amp? If you’re going off of my previous posts, then that amp has gone away. I now have two amps and they’re definitely more than $100. Anyways, I’ll take a look at your suggestion! Thanks!
  3. Hiding underseat amps

    Sorry, don’t think I was super clear of what I wanted. Im running doors and top off, which leaves the amps exposed under the seats. Really anyone with wire snips and a screw driver could walk off with them. So, what I’m wanting is just something to make them less visible, and is fairly permanent.
  4. Hiding underseat amps

    Hey all, as title suggests, I’m looking for ideas on how to conceal my amps that are under my seats. Any ideas out there?
  5. JL Door-off mirrors recommendations

    I ordered last night and my update is showing that its gonna be shipped next week
  6. JL Door-off mirrors recommendations

    How are these holding up for you?
  7. Hiding wires

    A massive crack. I thought these came with Jeeps from the factory?😆
  8. Subwoofer hardmount ideas

    Any chance you’d be able to snap a pic of how you did the edges of your box? I have no problem drilling the rack.
  9. Subwoofer hardmount ideas

    What hardware did you use to do that? Do you have pics from the top?
  10. Hiding wires

    Just as title says, I’d like to hide my CarPlay cable, as well as extra charging cable into my dash and come up to my Rubigrid phone mount. I don’t like the wires hanging down in front of everything. Any solutions out there?
  11. Subwoofer hardmount ideas

    I’m posting this here due to the fact it’s car audio related….but more for security. I recently installed a rear cargo shelf and would like to hard mount my subwoofer box to it or underneath is to prevent theft, and conceal it a bit more. looking for ideas. This is what I’m working with:
  12. California WTB: Rear Cargo shelf for JLU

    I ended up going with the “Hooke Road” shelf. It was relatively cheap and will do what I want it to do.
  13. Sand Hollow tomorrow (Mar 28)

    Agreed. I went out there on the second day and just drove around…I used All Trails and it was off quite a bit.
  14. California WTB: Rear Cargo shelf for JLU

    Does it close the gap behind the back seats and the shelf itself? How heavy is it?
  15. California WTB: Rear Cargo shelf for JLU

    I’ve looked at that rack, but ideally prefer one that doesn’t mount to the sides like that. Plus I want one a little lower for added security.
  16. California WTB: Rear Cargo shelf for JLU

    Looking for a roll bar mounted cargo shelf…similar to Vector or AAL style where it uses the stock mounting holes on the roll bar. LMK. Preferably Southern California.
  17. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I’m not gonna lie. I’m completely lost. On top of all that my powered sub took a dump on me today, so I’m super bummed. Here’s what I have going on…maybe someone can help: First, I have the T-harness from the Alpine sub kit (the one Pacparts doesn’t sell anymore), hooked up to a KTP-445u...
  18. Swap Sport D35 for D44 LSD

    So you don’t think it’s worth it to go the a higher spline count and added R/P size?
  19. Swap Sport D35 for D44 LSD

    So I’m seeing plenty of threads with the routine swap on a Sport being the Rubicon D44. My question is, has anyone taken the D44 LSD (Willy’s, Sahara, etc.) and replaced their D35 with that axle? If so, is it a straight across, bolt for bolt install? For reference I have a ‘19 Sport S auto...