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  1. AEV tuned Bilsteins w/stock Rubicon springs

    I got my AEV 2.5 from them back in February and the extra components box was also "30 days" and it only came about a week after everything else.
  2. Anyone seen P1128 Check Engine Light?

    So it's been a solid week and I have done a lot of driving and cold starts and warm ups etc and logged probably 300 miles since the CEL reset. It has not returned and there are no pending codes either. At this point I am assuming it must've been a fluke and a bad reading from a sensor that...
  3. 2022 w/6k Miles Leaking Coolant - What is the policy for loaners?

    yes thats that one i got to right from where you look up at it...the other is opposite it kind of on the top. i couldnt get that one from the same spot. i found it easy to snake my arm through the drag link/trackbar area from the front and get to it just barely. hard to explain you...
  4. 2022 w/6k Miles Leaking Coolant - What is the policy for loaners?

    coo so actually the main coolant reservoir is the black one in the back of the bay. that from one is a second one (for battery or turbo or something i forget) if its bone dry, there is a chance you could have air in the system and not just be able to top of the reservoir but actually bleed the...
  5. 2022 w/6k Miles Leaking Coolant - What is the policy for loaners?

    thread has instructions on how to get at them....from the bottom yes, for both. i was able to tighten mine a pinch, but not sure if i had ever lost coolant from that spot. although i have been low before. do u see coolant around the pipe? itll be a clue if thats the issue.
  6. 2022 w/6k Miles Leaking Coolant - What is the policy for loaners?

    do you drive a 2.0? well known issue
  7. Door paint issues

    I also hear there may be a tsb for steering... JK, glad it got handled and welcome!
  8. Anyone seen P1128 Check Engine Light?

    I went ahead yesterday and reset the light and will monitor for its return. it was coming and going on it's own, but i dont know clearing it will change whatever threshold it needs to present to pop up again or not. plus i want a new "freeze frame" for if it pops up again for me to compare to...
  9. Anyone seen P1128 Check Engine Light?

    I’ve topped off the coolant (prior) and also tightened the inlet that is a common fail area. Coolant is fine. Engine runs normal range on heat seeing 190-210 normal and 220 if I’m on the gas for a bit on a highway incline. Never overheated.
  10. Anyone seen P1128 Check Engine Light?

    The ambient air temp was def an anomaly. But perhaps the reason for the code? It was probably 80 outside. Coolant temp was low given Jeep wasn’t warmed up.
  11. Anyone seen P1128 Check Engine Light?

    Hey all, I’m getting an intermittent P1128 over the past week (closed loop fueling not achieved bank 1). Normally this code comes paired with an o2 sensor fail code or something that causes it to go off, but it’s solo. It also isn’t all the time. It’ll clear after a few ignition cycles when it...
  12. Holley iNTECH Intake Install/Review

    Got it installed last night in around an hour. 90 degrees in my garage, so a lot of sweat, but minimal swearing. So far ive got about 50 miles on it and it feels smooth. I definitely can hear a little bit more of the engine and a little more of the turbo thus far. it's subtle, but I am...
  13. Holley iNTECH Intake Install/Review

    Finally grabbed one of these based on your review. Have been debating for a while, and know some folks have thrown CEL's with other brands (which I have no patience for over an intake, given the Jeep has been rock solid stock) Hoping the Holley unit works as well for me as it has for you...
  14. Vibration sound - 37" Nitto Ridge Grappler

    Just saw this thread. mine do/did this. was super noticeable day 1 when I installed them and I was worried for a minute it was something driveshaft related, but it was just the tires. similar speeds to what you notice. mellowed and bit and I dont really notice it that much now at all. either...
  15. New York WTB: JLU Rubicon Springs + Shocks (can pick up in Brooklyn/NYC/NJ etc)

    I have springs, shocks, and swaybar links off of my 2020 Rubicon. Hardtop, Steel Bumpers, but no tow package. 12,500 miles on the parts. I'm in Somers, NY and my office is in Purchase NY (where I am a few days a week). I had planned to keep them just in case I ever want to go back to stock...
  16. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    Sooo after much debate, I ended up going with neither. I spent a few extra bucks and grabbed the AEV 2.5" dualsport lift. I wanted the springs and shocks to be paired properly, and I know AEV is built to not sag, and also be a great on road and overland ride. I'm thrilled with my decision and...
  17. Massachusetts Rubicon Take-off Suspension

    I have springs/shocks/swaybar endlinks in my garage off of my 2020 4-door Rubicon Recon with steel bumper and hard top. Taken off at 12,500 miles.
  18. Mopar LCA Length vs Rubicon Stock

    1/4" is nearly imperceptible to the eye especially given the angle on the arms. use a tape measure to be sure.
  19. 2.0 coolant top off frequency

    I just checked mine tonight (for the first time) at 15k miles while changing my oil. It was low as well. Didn’t have to add too much to bring up to full, but the dipstick was dry. Weird. Luckily I had pre diluted Mopar OAT on hand from my 2017 JKUR.
  20. New York 4 Synergy 1.75” Spacers

    Sorry, just sold them this morning