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  1. Ohio Jl sport wheels and tires 5k miles

    Like new stock wheels and tires $600 pick up only
  2. Ohio Sold: Jl tazer mini

    Jl tazer mini 6 months old sold jeep $225 + shipping
  3. Ohio Flag off-road doors

    Have a set of eag flag doors from my jl. Jeep is gone so need them gone also. $$350 pick up only.
  4. Tazer issues

    Hope I put this in the right spot. Just installed the tazer mini. One of the biggest things I was looking forward to was the back up cam with the turn signals. However I don't have the video option to set it. What am I missing?
  5. Morimoto turn signals.

    Recently bought some paint matched fenders off a sahara that had upgraded led turn signals. I have a unlimited sport no leds. I have seen some say k will need a tazer mini to make these function. Is this correct? Can I install them and wait for the tazer or will i get a code
  6. Ohio WTB JL tazer mini

    Looking for a jl tazer mini
  7. You my boy blue!

    2019 ocean blue JLUS. My "wife's" jl. Currently very basic: Vader grill Color matched leather Tyger rock sliders 2.5 inch superlift 20x10 black and blue xd grenades 35x12.5 milestars Coming soon/ not yet installed: Paint matched fender flares Morimoto sequential led turn signals American flag...
  8. Trails for a noob.

    The family and I are going to head up to Michigan next month for a vacation. I'd like to find some trails to have some fun on while we are there. Nothing crazy as I don't have a winch or anything. Even if it's an old gravel road with snow I'd be happy. Right now we are looking northern...