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  1. Mounting tires at home

    For those of you who mount / demount tiers and wheels at home. What tools are you using the get the job done? I prefer to turn my own wrench when I can, but have never tried to debead a tire from a wheel at home... or is this a waste of my time and I should just drive up to the local tire...
  2. What axles on the JLURD?

    Are these the same as the JLUR or does the diesel come with the beefier version like the JT Diesel?
  3. Looking for advice 3.6 vs 3.0 ED

    I am thinking of canceling a Xtream Recon order and switching to an ecodiesel. The jeep will see a lot of highway miles, and will be mostly used to travel around the country hitting different parks and wheeling. It would be loaded with a family of 4 and a fair bit of camping gear (no RRT)...
  4. PSC steering on 3.6 etorque

    Anyone been able to upgrade to a PSC pump with a 3.6 etorque.