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  1. Trade Values Crashing?

    Nothing is going to make much sense in this market for another year probably. Best thing you can do is hold on to what you have for right now and don’t ever look at your 401k 😂
  2. Hail to the Chief

    I‘d be really tempted to trade ol’ Punkn in if they bring gecko back…along with the low interest rates of course.
  3. My Jeep is going bye bye

    It doesn’t matter, the Jeep virus has made its mark on you. We’ll see you again soon. Before you know it, you’re in your Mazda, waving at Jeeps, the next thing you know, you’re back on the Jeep lot. ✌️
  4. Hail to the Chief

    they definitely made variants with the Jk - I think one was cream? One was dune and of course Gobi. I can say I’ve seen way worse though lol, at least it’s not rolling on 22’s with a rough country lift and angry bird grill.
  5. Hail to the Chief

    if I had to make a top 5 color list, It would be: 1. Gobi 2. Mojito 3. Gecko 4. Bikini Blue 5. Punkn (this one is bias 😝)
  6. Install quote seems high?

    Cheaper than a dealer. I got quoted for almost $1400 for ball joints alone from Criswell.
  7. EARL Wrangler JL Club

    You all keep saying edited - Everything looks normal to me considering there are ginormous lights on all sides and the top of the vehicle beaming on it. It will obviously look different on parts of the Jeep with that amount of powerful lights, reflections and contrasting colors from signs...
  8. Bestop is running a 12% off sale today.

    Tempting on their high rock bumpers…
  9. EARL Wrangler JL Club

    Hahahaha, the Aztec was such a goofy looking SUV. I’m with you, the more black on it, the better. I’d even get a nice blackout hood decal and fender vents, give it a recon look. Maybe a roof rack, door hinge steps, $$$$$$.
  10. Sahara Altitude vs Rubicon Suspenion

    You will get maybe an inch of lift. You could probably stuff 35’s after you put the rubi springs in, but without the high clearance fenders, it will be tight. Are you getting new wheels too? I’m not sure what the backspacing is on the altitude wheels, but that will determine if you can as well...
  11. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    The 315/70r17 BFG KO2 in C rating will be very similar in diameter to the 285/75r17 nitto and Toyos. C rating will definitely give you the better ride. Of course it can all depend on your wheels/offset.
  12. EARL Wrangler JL Club

    And we all look forward to seeing what you do with it! 🤙
  13. Ideas for locations for Jeep name decals?

    I say slap it on the rear window so everyone you’re passing or in front of will see it. Great looking Jeep as is!
  14. EARL Wrangler JL Club

    I wouldn’t want to be telling people “Wait, don’t go! In this lighting it looks a little better!” 😂
  15. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    the BFG 285/70/17 weighs 50lbs and the 285/75/17 weighs around 60lbs.
  16. EARL Wrangler JL Club

    Im sorry if I offend anyone, but who at Jeep thought this is a good color choice?! This may be the best Jeep color for color blind people. It looks like the Jeep needs some pepto bismol. Cmon Jeep, bring back Chief, baby blue or another Green option, but don’t give us this. This is the paint at...
  17. Where are all the custom aftermarket hoods at?

    I’m always fascinated by all the custom exterior mods you can replace OEM parts with. That being said, there has got to be more people running aftermarket hoods by now. Let’s see them! I know many also prefer the original, non vented styles too - totally cool! I really liked my JKU recon vented...
  18. 2019 PUNKN Sahara 2.0 Build

    DeeZee locking narrow toolbox.
  19. ↕ The Great Shock Debate ↕

    Just going to leave this here - this is the route I’m going once my fox shocks wear out. Had a friend run the Kings from Accutune and they were magnificent.
  20. Better than factory non-LED headlights w/o 2nd mortgage on home

    Whatever you do, aim them correctly or you’ll get a ton of oncoming cars flashing their high beams at you. Hated that with my JK.