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  1. Jeep 4XE day Sept 8th

    I noticed they were very clear to say the doors and windows were removable. So no removable top, and is it just me or does it look a little smaller than a wrangler.
  2. Jeep 4XE day Sept 8th

    4xe announcement is on now.
  3. Mud Flaps compatible with 4xe?

    Did you get them to fit on the back as well?
  4. Homelink

    Mine had it as well.
  5. How far have you driven on one tank of gas in your Hybrid Wrangler 4xe?

    I just filled up on the weekend. I had covered 1265km, but had only used 1/2 a tank of gas.
  6. What's the length of the load floor in the 4xe Load floor length

    The seat bottoms in the back fold up against the back of the front seats. I measured from the bottom of the seat bottom to swing gate closed, and got about 59" give or take a 1/4". The "bump" is about 8" high.