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  1. Delivery Mileage on Your New Jeep

    Factory order. 9mi
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Too bad this apparently does not fit 2dr’s?
  3. Things Ford Got Right with the Bronco Vs the Wrangler

    Let's give the Bronco motors a few plus years running along with Jeeps before we hit the gavel. I still think a NA 3.6L is king until a decade of use with new blocks and turbines can prove otherwise. For me, longevity is more important than a race off the line when the subject is off-road...
  4. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I do have LED option and I have a taser and I also don't remember if I did anything when I originally installed it. I removed it when taking in for a warranty issue and reinstalled. That is when I noticed the error and fast blinking.
  5. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I have them and yes I get rear tail light out and a fast blinker but all is working fine outside. Love the flush mount and the bright lights.
  6. Experienced my first Death Wobble

    No expert here but I can see how installing a new ‘stiffer’ steering stabilizer could exasperate an issue elsewhere. Worn or loose component is my guess.
  7. Maryland Falcon 3.3 PiggyBack Fast Adjust Shocks

    Which lift and for 2 or 4dr?
  8. Too Funny... Jeep driver waves at our Bronco

    That’s why you gotta spread ‘em…
  9. Too Funny... Jeep driver waves at our Bronco

    But, but, but… I thought we were waving at fellow solid axles? :rock:
  10. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Doesn’t count… until we see a pic in someone’s driveway.
  11. Best tailgate table?

    Probably posted this earlier in this thread and apologies if so. Absolutely love my AAL Versa table... paint matched and bamboo table top. Is it worth a left testicle... probably not.
  12. Fed up with FCA! 2023

    I thought you were 'out'? :LOL:
  13. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    463 posts and no real photos... yawn
  14. What's the Recon EV's Place?

    It's no accident when it comes to aesthetics and performance compared to the competition. Seems to me the Recon will help the Wrangler sandwich the Bronco.
  15. American Adventure Lab prices??

    If you aren't 'Prime' shipping is becoming a bitch these days. I bought the cowl antenna mount and shipping direct from AAL was 50% of the cost of the item ($49)... WTH! No wonder Amazon is kicking azz.
  16. Fed up with FCA! 2023

    How you suppose to know these days with gender re-identification? Wednesday is ladies night. I think I will identify for free drinks. Need a job, yep I'm a minority... take your pick. By the way... you better refer to me as a 'they'. I'm no longer a guy.
  17. Fed up with FCA! 2023

    Have you been following Jeep and Bronco builds for the past year or so? Did your dealer lead you to believe it would be a short time between order and delivery and it could be a couple extra months due to the current situation? Sounds like you went in without an understanding of the market and...
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I really like those wheels... are those the stock Xtreme Recons?