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  1. Can you name the noise?

    Ok I’m going to be honest, idk what’s going out, but that was my best guess, there is a slight knock in rear drivers wheel well every time I let off the gas at slower speeds or right when I’m pulling up to a stop sign. And if I let it cruise at idle speed sometimes you can hear it at a constant...
  2. Repurpose Automatic Start Battery?

    As far as I'm tracking there is a second battery and second starter for the Automatic Start on the JL's. I know I'm not the only person that completely hates that function. I am posting to see if anyone has deleted that stupid autostart system, but kept the battery around to utilize it as a...
  3. 4xe rubicon take offs -> 2018 jlu sport s

    Scrolling on Facebook and found 4XE Rubicon takeoffs I was just seeing if they would work on a 2018 JLU sport S, there is a couple 100 lb difference on the 2 and they are a few years apart, tryna lift on a budget and seeing if these 2 are compatible, lmk what y’all got for me.
  4. Overlanding suspension

    Having so many choices is amazing yet so hard to even know where to start. Are there overland dominant brands for suspension, if so what are they. Just looking for a simple shocks and springs type of thing as I am working on a budget. I see Icons everywhere but are way to expensive and buddy...
  5. Budget Build for the Island of Hawaii

    I have exciting news! Me and my wife pulled the trigger on a pretty unique overlanding trip to the Island of Hawaii (Big Island). We have the Jeep. just not any gear, like any gear at all. I got some used Rock sliders and just put new tires on it. My problem is I don't have all the play money...
  6. What is evryones go to Sway bars, easy disconnect

    Mine would be for a 2018 JLU Sport S
  7. THE Overlanders

    Everyone please show off your dope a** Overland builds, sharing what makes the biggest impact for you on the trails and what mod your most thankful for installing! *Please of course include some photos*
  8. Can The 2018 Sport S Really Overland?

    Right now I own a 2018 JLU Sport S 2.0 which I'm pretty sure it has BLD and LSD. At the moment I rent it out part time on Turo to help make the payments. Other than that should I really start investing money and time into it for an Overland build. I live on an island right now, and i am...