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  1. I removed the JL Wrangler Sport "Euro" Close Out Cover Bumper Pieces

    Looks good! When I do mine I will probably just leave that piece between the bumper and the grill.
  2. Which 2 tone do you like best?

    D with white spoke wheels.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Those wheels look great. 👍
  4. First pic of a production Earl color Wrangler?!

    I think I will need to see an Earl Gray Wrangler in person. The photos don’t do much for me.
  5. 12 large/5 months. How many you put on?

    Just turned 26,000 yesterday, since July 2020. That is low for us, normal would be slightly over 40,000 at this point. Health problems have been a large factor in the low mileage. ☹️
  6. Restitution/Diminished Value Report

    I was awarded and paid restitution directly from the court in full. The restitution was more than the insurance claim and I was paid the excess. I was told the person who damaged my vehicle was paying off the court on a monthly basis. The guy was drunk and broke all the windows, scratched...
  7. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    This is Freddie.
  8. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    They probably won’t have the air show if the weather isn’t good.
  9. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Thanks. I used a Nikon D610 (full frame), Nikon f2.8 70-200 with a 1.75 teleconverter. Hand held.
  10. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Not sure, saw the hand, he was going pretty fast lol.
  11. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Pics from the same practice session.
  12. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    That’s the problem, didn’t get the pic lol. Of course, he didn’t stay around long.
  13. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    About 2 milliseconds after I took this shot he waved, saw the wave in the camera view finder. I wish he waved a little sooner, would have been a great shot.
  14. Has anyone posted this underhood Easter egg before?

    Nice find. I think the slots are there to aid in cooling the headlights.
  15. Can I go to a 2 door?

    I love my 2 door and would not trade it for a 4 door. You said you don’t drive much so if I were you I would stick with what you’ve got. It is already set up for what you enjoy, going to a 2 door would dismantle all you have going with the JLUR. My .02, good luck in your decision.
  16. New JL - Couple Questions

    I have never tried the armrest usb for CarPlay, will have to check it out. I also would like to increase the turn signal to more than 3 but never found anywhere to do it. Would a tazer do it???
  17. Color Drama

    I like to try and keep my Jeep looking good and the lighter blue color doesn’t show the dirt as much as a darker color and requires less attention. I find that I am spending more time with the darker color I have now than when I had the Sierra Blue. There seems to be a lot of Sarge Green...
  18. Color Drama

    You have picked 2 great colors to choose from and the choice is difficult. Neither color was available when I got my Granite Crystal. I had a Sierra Blue Renegade that is very similar to the Hydro Blue and the blue always looked clean and the paint job was fantastic. As much as I like the...