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  1. Will my 2020 Sport TPMS work in 2022 Rubicon takeoff wheels?

    Swap them or by new ones for pre June 2021 JLs. If swapping, the tire shop may tell you they need to be rebuilt / refurbished or are even too far gone to be reused.
  2. What do we think, northern Jeepers, is it Hardtop Time?

    Still roofless but then again it’s not my daily driver.
  3. Getting customer service help for destroyed Sky 1-Touch Power Top ?

    Who paid for the new top? Your insurance company? If so, did you go to one of their recommended shops?
  4. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    Too bad. Great looking rig. Punk’n is way better looking than “Flame”orange when compared side by side.
  5. 2020 Jeep Wrangler rubicon recon edition pentastar v6!!!

    Did you ever run the Carfax on it? It would be interesting to see the history.
  6. Changing from halogen headlights to LEDs

    LED (either bulbs or whole units) draw a lot less power than halogens. The JL can sense low power and think the halogen bulb has gone bad. If you buy a CANBUS compatible bulb or headlight assembly that can fake the JL out to think it still has halogens. You will not need to reprogram. The...
  7. Questions about buying used

    I try to by CPO when possible. It would scare the heck out of me to buy a $50k one to two year old JL without a strong warranty. Gimme a 2012 JK with 110k miles on it for $15k otherwise. You’ll get lots of opinions on this one.
  8. 2020 Jeep Wrangler rubicon recon edition ?

    Soaree, I have to throw an Orange (Canadian Football League humor) flag. You didn't tell us it was a Gray Market Car. You have a 2020 Candian Rubicon Recon edition. I hope the dealer gave you a two four as part of the deal. In all seriousness, cool rig. There's a company in Hamburg, NY that...
  9. Oracle Front Turn Signal/DRL Switchback LED Bulbs; 7443CK failure

    7443CK work on Sport and Sport S. Your profile says 2022 Jeep Wrangler Altitude Sport. I’ve never heard of an Altitude Sport. How many bulbs do you have in your front fender?
  10. Can anyone please tell me what are these mystery items?

    Now that we know what they are, did you buy these and forget about them?
  11. Are these GOOD Updates to this Willys???

    I like the look of your Jeep. 7” LEDs are probably 1/2 the price of 9” Oracles / DV8, etc and would I keep them if they work for you. Not sure of the stereo you have but look at Terra Acoustics Sound Stage for the front sound stage and maybe some Select Instrument pods for the Soundbar.
  12. First pic of a production Earl color Wrangler?!

    Hell Yah for Punk’n to return.
  13. Which speaker setup do I have?

    I installed the Select Increment JLJT pods earlier this year. Remember to use the new screws that come with the pod package. I tried to reuse the original ones and they were too short. I wasted at least an hour until I found the new screws that were included.
  14. Will Trade JK For JL w/Hurricane

    To match that incongruent statement I’ll add another. : “Go Bills”
  15. JL LED wiring

    You’ve got great stuff. I’d take it with you. Do you have the old take offs? If not, start searching Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and even the classifieds here.
  16. JL LED wiring

    I installed the Oracle Oculus Bi-LED switchbacks on my JL in April. I kept my halogens. The Oracles are going with me if when I sell the JL. The halogens are going back on. Which aftermarket LEDs do you have? If the are eBay cheapos, I’d leave them on the JL when you sell it.
  17. JL LED wiring

    I believe so.............. Mopar LEDs are considered to be the Magnum Opus of lighting for a JL. Why would you want to change them out? Do you have an LED option you are looking at? Oracle, DV8, etc. have compatibility charts.
  18. JL LED wiring

    I don't think you received any answers because the question is convoluted. Does the JL you are asking about have Halogens or LEDs now? What are you thinking about buying?
  19. DV8 LED headlights should arrive tomorrow !

    I’m not a DV8 expert but from what I’ve read these LEDs are plug and play with the existing halogens. I infer that they are CANBUS compatible and that messing with a Tazer isn’t required. I think you need to reset your Tazer to factory settings and let the CANBUS work itself out for the next 24...
  20. Color Drama

    That is why I’m holding out for the return of Punk’n