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  1. Hail to the Chief

    I've said it before, but Chief is the best color I have ever saw on a Wrangler. Just saw this one in the sunlight a few minutes ago and had to get a pic. Simply Gorgeous!!! It's just soooo beautiful. Certainly Hydro is a close 2nd and the only acceptable color current offered, but Chief still...
  2. Softtop Question

    I am begrudgingly considering taking off the ST and putting on the HT for the Fall/Winter soon. I still have the original ST box to put it in. Wondering if I should treat it with anything before storing it? Also, this meme describes our Midwest weather quite well.
  3. 12 large/5 months. How many you put on?

    12,000 miles since picking her up in TN in mid-April. I usually drive ~20K per year on my DD, which Hazel is now. I'll admit I've done a lot of open-air crusing this summer, so I expect my winter mileage to be lower.
  4. So many 11111s

    22' Hydro JLUS turned over 11,1111 trouble-free miles today, 5ish months in. Only issues thus far are from-the-factory low coolant and several weird, one-off gremlins that resolved themselves with a reboot.
  5. Live in the Midwest they said

    It will be fun they said... Ugh. Hail followed the torrential rain and hurricane winds shown, while Hydro Hazel and I cowered under a group of young trees.
  6. My new wiper arm puller tool

    If you have attempted to remove your wiper arms, you probably noticed they are on tight. Some info below on the wiper arm/battery post puller I got for 11 bucks, shipped. There appear to be two similar versions on Amazon. Be sure you get the new one with the beefier screw to prevent handle...
  7. Not used to these Jeep gremlins

    After owning three other purchased new vehicles now with 300K on two and 200K on the last with no real problems, I'm not used to a new vehicle having weird shit like this Jeep. A couple days ago I went in the garage to find the little speedo display and gear shift indicator light on. Was in...
  8. JK vs JL softtop installation

    After the initial break-in stretch, I'm fasinated how easy it is to install the windows on my JL. Wondering how this process compares to the JK? I thought I read somewhere it has zippers or something?
  9. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    9000 miles on Hazel now. She started at ~22 and has settled in @ 24 the last few weeks in blended driving with 70% being 60-70mph highway. Running 87 octane fuel. Current prices at my go-to station
  10. Early JL owners (18-19), a question please about your rigs reliability so far

    I've never purchased an extended warranty. This '22 Jeep scares me tho, reliability wise. I put on about 22K miles a year, on average. I have 4K more until 12K miles. If I buy an EW I want to do it before the price goes up. I have 3K set aside to either buy or bank. Right now I'm reluctantly...
  11. Windshield cleaning problem solved

    Ever since I started driving @ 16 I've abhored cleaning the dash and inside of the vehicles windshield. I could never get it streak-free and had to do all sorts of joint dislocating contortions trying to wipe it off. Problem solved! Did need a battery post puller to get the wipers off this...
  12. Anyone order from Gupton in the last week or so?

    They still giving 5,6,7?
  13. Two Gupton purchased JLU Jeeps , 9 months/13K miles of ownership

    My thoughts/suggestions/opinions > Buy Sport S or above > Dual tops, otherwise Twill soft top > Drives great as a DD > 2.0 is peppy AF, decent mileage > Most compliments of any vehicle owned > Start/Stop blows > Fully naked, cool but anxiety inducing > Standard sound system is adequate > Hydro...
  14. My new hitch rack

    You know I'm a value seeker. I purchased this aluminum hitch rack for my JL today and feel it's a great value for my intended use of hauling trash bags, gas cans, etc. I got mine at our local farm store, but it is a virtual clone of the one sold at Harbor Freight for $20 more than I paid ($79)...
  15. BlueDriver Pro OBD2 experiences?

    Having some issues with my old truck and needed a decent code reader. This one has 4.5 stars with 43, 000 reviews. It seems OK. Anyone have it? It was on a Prime deal and an additional coupon, so it was $59. Interested if it will work on my JL or not.
  16. Soft top side window issue

    Trying to install the soft top side windows for the first time. They aren't long enough by 1/4 - 3/8" to engage on the back "connector". I've tugged at them like a teenage boy with no results. I've even shouted really bad words at them and that didn't seem to help either. Tips please...
  17. Hazel's first JW oil change

    Got Hazel's oil changed at a local dealer. 5000 miles on her already. They used Pennzoil Full Synthetic and a Mopar filter. Guy dripped some oil on the beauty cover, but wiped it off this time. Interested to see how your dealers charges lines up with this one. After the 3 freebies, I'll do it...