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  1. Buying a used JL today, opinions?

    This reason alone is why I actively avoid built Jeeps when shopping for one.
  2. Best way to sell JLU?

    KBB was late to the game when the market got way out of wack, its not surprising they are late to the correction. Ive been using Carmax's trade calculator as a starting point for a while as it has been the most consistent for me.
  3. Best way to sell JLU?

    You're asking sticker on a used vehicle when there are dealers posting here that are offering below invoice on new. Right now my best offers have come from Carmax, they came in at over $4k more than what Carvana offered me recently.
  4. Restitution/Diminished Value Report

    It's hard to say what they will do regarding their insured, but it is awesome that they are accepting liability.
  5. Restitution/Diminished Value Report

    Best advice in this thread. Many insurance companies have exclusions for intentional acts and will not pay for damages when caused on purpose. Going through his own carrier gets his vehicle fixed or replaced and they will handle getting reimbursed.
  6. Duck Duck Jeep: Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Free Rubber Ducks at the Detroit Auto Show

    Cliff notes version is a dude in a MINI group was enamored with a giant duck statue in Long Island and would give all the new people he encountered at different MINI gatherings a rubber duck. After the guy passed away, people still traded ducks as an act of camaraderie...
  7. Fed up with FCA! 2023

    You're lucky. I bought my last 2 Jeeps from a dealer 2 and a half hours away, because both of the Jeep dealers that were less than 15 minutes from my house wanted to play games instead of just giving me a price and sending a buyers order to my bank. Service has been lackluster at both of them...
  8. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    This is a problem that exists mostly in the 2018 models due to it being fixed with a software update in the later year models. Basically no matter whether the aux battery can reliably start the Jeep back up or not it will still engage the ESS. I got stranded in an intersection once due to this...
  9. Some Jeepers do it for the view... but whoa!

    This is from a couple of years ago. The woman ejected lived and they found the dog later. Edit link
  10. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    I don't know if you've been to Windrock or not but it might be worth a visit since you will be close..
  11. What’d make you trade your JL for a new one...?

    Sorry, I was gonna make a long drown out goodbye post but then I forgot and now it would just be awkward so I figured I would just stay and try to blend in. Curses to @aldo98229 for making this thread and ruining my ruse. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Self tapping bolt broken head — what to do?

    Rotary tools have their uses, but I agree this is absolutely not the place for it.
  13. Is getting Jeep warranty service a local or national problem?

    Those hygienists didn't just quit and go sit on their couches. There is something the other offices are offering that your dentist isn't.
  14. Do You Have Decals That Don't Look Terrible?

    Same except I think Im going on a little over 30 years
  15. 23 Wrangler Subwoofer back in the floor?

    You still running 4" speakers? My JL did not sound as good as my JK until I moved from 4" speaker to 6.5" and got even better when I added an amp.
  16. Tips to open soft top while driving?

    This and a slight paranoia of breaking the plastic tracks are the reasons I never let the wind just blow the sunder back.
  17. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    The vast majority of hard top owners in my town are completely unaware the top is removable.🤣 Its not until I venture out a little farther into the rural areas that I start seeing more stripped down Jeeps. As far as the Q5 top goes, that's easy. Sawzall:rock:
  18. Best Speaker replacements are ?

    Get the Metra pods and move up from 4" components to 6.5". This makes a big difference up front. Focal Morel Audison and Audiofrog were at the top of my list when I upgraded mine. Ultimately I went with Hybrid Audio Mirus speakers but I would not use them again. They sounded great in the...
  19. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    Nah, Ginger knew she was hot and could skate by on looks alone. Mary Ann however gives off total "lady in the streets and freak in the sheets" vibes I Y K Y K