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  1. CEL and ESC dealer fix - Yeah!

    A bit of a long story but finally got my idiot lights to stay off. Took my JLR into my local dealer because I had both the check engine light and electronic stability control light constantly on. I also wanted them to straighten the steering wheel as it was at 10 o'clock when driving straight...
  2. Aux fuel options for 2dr?

    The tank is too damn small. I’m wanting additional fuel capacity on my 2dr JLR 3.6L w/eTorque. Wanting know what are my options?
  3. Locking Lid for 2dr?

    Looking for a stay in place locking lid for my cargo storage area. Suggestions?
  4. Error code U1003 - Help?

    My check engine light and ESC idiot lights are always on. Checked error code using my FixD OBD app and it reports U1003. Thoughts? okay to drive? just reset and see it if comes on again??? Dealer says a month or more to get an appointment.
  5. What's this?

    Underneath my dash I found this unplugged plug. Recently my engine and electronic stability control idiot lights are always on. Getting a U1003 error code. I assume this is supposed to be plugged in and could be the root of my issue? Any ideas where? A little more info... I also recently...
  6. Warranty Service - First available Aug 25th!

    My 2900mi and engine light and automatic stability control idiot lights are always on now. Called dealer. We can see you Aug 25 unless you can leave it for a few days... no guarantees. Okay I guess I bring it in and let's see if they touch it next week. Anyone else with a 22JLR with similar...
  7. Repairing Pin-striping?

    Searched on the subject key words and didn't find much. Was hoping to hear methods, products, tips on dealing with pinstripes after a trailing weekend.
  8. Do you use your winch?

    For those of you that are carrying... Interested in your usage and any stories. Pictures will be given bonus points.
  9. HELP... Tapping in an aux light - fried something?

    HELP! I was finishing up installing a tailgate table w/LED light. Fished the wire through the harness across the back of the jeep cargo floor and decided to tap into the 12v outlet. Was impatient waiting 24hr for some T-Taps to splice into the wiring and decided to solder the 22g wire into...
  10. Towing your JL behind an RV... lessons learned?

    I'm setting up to tow my 2dr JLR behind my Class C RV. Looking to learn any tips or lessons learned from those that have a JL toad. So far my biggest concern has been to keep my mods and cargo as light as possible as I am already at my CGVW rating. Of course pics welcome of your set up...
  11. Been looking at other's rear ends!

    I am pretty well set for my front end. Now focusing my attention on how to improve my rear. Wanna see yours! Been looking at Aluminum rear bumpers, lightweight support for Rotopax, garbage bags that don't block rear camera, additional lighting, etc. Hoping this thread can become a repository...
  12. 2dr Rubicon lifts... what say you?

    I have a '22 2dr Rubicon. I'm looking for a mild lift along with 35s. Really curious as to what you all have done. Pics, pros, and cons.
  13. 3.5in aftermarket speaker wire connectors?

    Been hunting for the specific connector/adaptors for aftermarket speakers so I don't have to cut off the OEM plug and splice into the existing harness. Tried the 72-6514. Doesn't fit...
  14. Tire pressure on board reading accurate?

    When I picked up my new JLR my tires were all set at 40psi per the on board computer. I dropped them all 5psi to 35psi and figured that was a good on road running pressure for starters. After installing the ARB dual compressor, I decided to check the pressure manually with a dial meter and it...
  15. '22 JL Rubicon audio upgrade?

    The 22 JL Rubicon has no options for audio. Just the standard 8.4 UConnect. No info on audio. Wondering what folks are doing to upgrade audio. First question... is swapping out the top dash speakers with Kenwood KFC-X3C a good move? Second question... it appears the lower dash speakers are...
  16. What is this wire?

    I managed to find a single wire going nowhere when I was on the hunt for the AUX switch bundle under the glove compartment. This wire is also under the dash but close to the passenger door kick panel.
  17. Midland MXT-575 are here!

    Released today... says limited quantities. Got my order in already. Been waiting for this one for a long time.
  18. Coolest, lightest and easy to clean wheels?

    Okay been searching for a set of aftermarket wheels for my Snazzberry JLR. Looking for suggestions from this fine community. Here she is when I took delivery...
  19. Baja Design LP4 Pro install question (pic)

    I just mounted a pair of LP4s on my front bumper. I want to wire to the AUX switch but also want to have the backlighting to come on with my headlights. I already hooked up a pair of Squadron Pros to the cowlings. That is straight forward. I am assuming I need to run a 'third' wire and tap...
  20. Jeeps in Hawaii!

    Wow! Spending a week of vacation on Maui and had no idea the number of Jeeps here. I will venture to guess that 95% are rentals. Mostly 4dr Sports or Saharas. Nobody waves... probably first time experience for the renters. Fairly easy to spot the locals... more 2drs, some mods and dirty...