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  1. Duck Duck Jeep: Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Free Rubber Ducks at the Detroit Auto Show

    Ducking as far as I know hasn’t really taken off here in Canada the wave was good for awhile but see a lot of new Jeeps on the road and no acknowledgement. Wonder if Jeep dealers should pass along these little tips to new owners.
  2. Harbor Freight must be owned by a Jeeper!!!!

    Readily available in Canada.
  3. Do You Have Decals That Don't Look Terrible?

    Added these to my Sahara. Named it Yeti
  4. Early JL owners (18-19), a question please about your rigs reliability so far

    2018 Ju 40000 kilometres only problem so far is rear defroster plugs came detached ( note live in western Canada) from back window. Warranty only covers trying to reattach by glue but failed. Only other option is to replace back window but not worth it. Will scrape in winter by hand.
  5. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    Couldn’t think of naming it anything else as it it mostly white. After I had it done I didn’t realize there was a Yeti Wrangler brand.
  6. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    Never thought of that. I’ve had the decal for 2 years and on the sides of the hood I had it labeled YETI and decaled way before the broncos came out. I believe it’s a joke that somebody I know did it.
  7. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    Love the decal. Do you mind if I copy it.
  8. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    I named it yeti as it’s mostly white. Had to put type of decals on as it looked to plain
  9. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    It has to somebody I know because how many people carry sticky note pads
  10. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    It’s a yeti / abominable snowman I names my jee
  11. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    I know it’s just in fun. Could be reaction to decals on the tailgate
  12. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    So I go outside this morning and find this. Cheeky a$$holes
  13. New Rubicon - Hood Decals stay on or decals come off?

    When I bought mine used when I bought mine used (Sahara) it had no decals so I created my own to personalize it. When passing other Jeeps I always look to see what they are. I personally like decals and have had a few comments on mine.
  14. Are us middle class Jeepers going to be (fuel) forcefully priced out of enjoying our Jeeps? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Come to Canada where we are paying $1.879 a litre or $7.12 a gallon and says going up again next week. Cann’t worry about gas prices just need to enjoy life and rock and roll a long
  15. Push button 4WD for the Wrangler

    Leave the handle as is. If they do switch then they might as well change the gear shifter and make that a turn knob also then.
  16. Is it just me or are current Wrangler buyers different…[CLOSED DUE TO INSULTING BEHAVIOR]

    I guess I’m one of those that won’t be doing much for mods except hoping to get Bestop Sunrider top for hardtops. I do go off road but mostly down old cow pathes to small rivers to go fishing spots in the valleys where we live.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Small change new hood decal
  18. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    I find it’s 50/50 with all Jeep owners. Don’t think most newer owners know the road rules
  19. Random Rant

    I always wave being a fairly new to the Jeep world. Every time the wife always asks who’s that. I always say don’t know but must be a nice group.
  20. “ New vehicles must average 40 mpg by 2026 under US standards ”

    Isn’t the mile per gallon based on all lines of vehicles that the company sells. So if you add in mix of electric / hybrid and gas engines should be reachable.