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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I waved goodbye as I board this flight to the land of fruits and nuts for a business trip.
  2. Is there a dedicated thread to Willys models?

    You should be able to get away with 34/35s but will need spacers or new wheels. The Willy’s Moab wheels are pretty nice though. I was rubbing with 33s before I got new wheels. But Im pretty sure that was due too having replaced my inner fenders. (They slope out more)
  3. Is there a dedicated thread to Willys models?

    ‘ Because its ”spelt” with a Y. WILLYS
  4. Bourbon talk...

    Ive tried a lot, and Blantons is still my go to.
  5. My wife is wanting a Jeep traveling dog. Looking for recommendations.

    XOLO. they are completely hairless with some having a Mohawk, Hypoallergenic, super smart, I bath mine once a month and put lotion on once a week. no smell.
  6. Michigan Shockingly Awesome Deal on NEW RELEASE Fox 2.5 Performance Series Shocks

    I have a jobsite in Coldwater, can I swing by next week and pick up a set?
  7. Why are roof-top tents so popular?

    every year, more people die from snake bites, spiders, drunk drivers (but no one reinforces their cars chassis or armor plates it, and drunks are like herpes, them shits is everywhere), dog mauling's, choking, falling in the shower, than they do bears and/or bear attacks combined. You actually...
  8. Dash Cam Suggestions

    I used the parking cable with the Garmin mini. Records motion and impact.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How the heck is your undercarriage so clean? Im pretty sure birds have figured out how to shit on mine upside down…
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the JKS disconnects, and started wiring the Voswitch 400.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Okay, Im getting it….. this is awesome. Was thinking about the cargo dog, but i think this is the ticket. Badass dude!
  12. My Engine Bay is Cooking = Share your jeep cooking hacks!

    I have the same unit. It fits well in my "adventure" bag.
  13. Why are roof-top tents so popular?

    Yes, I’m mostly solo. But I’m also minimalist when it comes to gear. I have an Osprey 60L pack that holds all I need for a 14 day trip. Pack goes on the rack and the yeti sideways on the floor. Plenty of space.
  14. Why are roof-top tents so popular?

    I can the benifit, but id rather ground it or roll out the sleeping pad in the back.
  15. 2022 Gobi Willys XR - Jk Africa/ FJ40 Blend Build

    I love those wheels. quite similar to mine. KMC Roswell
  16. Things Ford Got Right with the Bronco Vs the Wrangler

    On my way to the F-150 forum to post about how awesome my RAM 1500 eco-diesel was….
  17. Seams cracking and been wait 8 months

    I was good up until…… “they fix turbo collar bottle” …..
  18. Duck Duck Jeep: Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Free Rubber Ducks at the Detroit Auto Show

    Exactly this. Its just something some people have adopted to show appreciation for your rig/build. I dont mind it at all. Usually when I get one, I pass it on to the next 7 slotted beast I run across.
  19. Finally finished my little camper

    Looks great man!