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  1. Wrangler Glove Box Damper

    Hi, The glove box falls out. I've searched and searched. Found the damper lying behind the glove box. Not installed. I've searched and searched. Would appreciate help, or links to something that will help. Thanks DaveL JLUR
  2. Wonderful Post on the Gladiator Forum!--"Things you don't notice at first--Or for a While/Jeep Gladiator Forum

    Thanks Garemlin! My favourite--zooming in with back-up camera to see trailer hitch when hooking up!
  3. 2019 JLU dash display lights go dark/nav display too

    It's frustrating. It has happened a number of times. It even happens when when we use the windshield wipers sometimes. And at night driving the dash becomes very dark suddenly, without the driver changing anything. We try to increase the brightness using the switch on the dash. If we turn the...
  4. Tire related

    It's time. Tire changeover time. Darn Jeep tires are heavy, and they are in my basement. I've recovered from a broken shoulder; however, I'm weaker than I was. I'm not much good lifting anymore. How do you handle your tires? Do you have a dolly or device to take them upstairs? I have a...
  5. JLU Wrangler Auto 4WD

    We often have intermittent snow and intermittent slippery roads. What is the maximum speed that auto 4wd can be used at? We are skiers. It would be great to put the Jeep in Auto 4Hi and drive.
  6. Hints for Rookies

    Rookie asking! First admission * I'm the navigator. I get us lost so the drives are longer; JLU Second admission * I've lusted over a Jeep since I drove a surplus Canadian Army Jeep in a summer job. Yup it's taken me a while. We drove about 40 miles 2 weeks ago on muddy back roads. Think...