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  1. Georgia Sold: Alpine PSS-23WRA

    This kit is plug and play and will add an 8" powered sub, amplifier, and two Alpine tweeters to your factory non-Alpine system. It is used and does have scratches but works great, plus it mounts under your passenger seat so you won't see the scratches anyways. Check out the Quadratec install...
  2. Georgia (5) JL Sport S Wheels $100

    Set of Five JL Sport S wheels. No curb rash no TPMS sensors. Perfect upgrade for a stock Sport on steelies or keeping your good wheels when trading in your JL/JT $100 takes all five of them
  3. I finally joined the “My Jeep Suddenly Died” club [main battery was the culprit]

    I pulled up to an intersection, stopped, and the ESS engaged. The light turned green, I took my foot off of the brake, and before I could touch the gas, the wipers suddenly went halfway up the windshield and the Jeep . Put it in park and every time I hit the start button it would just click...
  4. Single Bungees

    I have lost one of the really long bungees that wrap around the sound bar and secure the shade. Do you guys sell just single bungees by themselves? TIA
  5. How Far does -12 Offset actually stick out from the fender well?

    I've used a few offset calculators and have seen several pics but I am still having trouble visualizing just how far the wheels and tires truly stick out past the fender well. Does anyone have a pic with a tape measure showing the actual distance or can snap one right quick. I'd greatly...
  6. Should I even try to shop this deal on a 2 door Sport S?

    It’s a Sport S 3.6 Auto Technology package Convenience package Limited slip rear end Premium top Price is $32,498 before tax and fees $35,279 OTD I have this in writing and all they are waiting on is for me to say the word and have them send the buyers order to the bank. I just wanted a...