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  1. Chevy will let you help build your engine ... if you pay for the privilege

    I honestly don't understand all this self-service stuff being passed off as good for consumers. I don't even like self checkout. But paying at least $5k for the privilege on top of it? Oh, man, PT Barnum was right, there must be a sucker born every minute...
  2. Ford Bronco Buyers Spend an Average of $1700 on Ford Accessories

  3. Sarge Green Sneakers

    Have a 2dr Sarge Green Willys on order and really having trouble not pulling the trigger on these. I think I may have a problem.
  4. FBI raid on Dicastal to further hold up deliveries?

    Apparently, the FBI raided a manufacturer of OEM alloy wheels. Wonder what this will mean for delivery schedules.
  5. Paint on dashboard

    A bit of an odd question, but does the Willys have a printed dashboard? Kind of hard to tell from interior photos online. That would be amazing in the Sarge green I ordered though.