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  1. Solved: Clunk in front end when sway bar connected

    Glad to hear it was a simple fix. Those are the best kinds!
  2. Solved: Clunk in front end when sway bar connected

    If you still have the plastic fender liners, then the sway bar links can snag on bumps and cause a click/clunk, etc. Otherwise, I would park on level ground and watch your front end as you lift the drivers side with a jack. Worst case scenario is to just leave the sway bar disconnected or...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got rid of the ugly junction box that I had my 12v panel and solar system in, and replaced it with a simple board and layout. It runs the domestic, rear window interior lights, auxiliary 12v and USB connections, as well as the 200w solar panels atop the roof.
  4. To Idle or Not Idle

    Consent is very important when things get hot ;)
  5. To Idle or Not Idle

    Good call! I'll be looking into this myself. My current fluid is probablyshot. Oh well, I needed to change the blinker fluid out anyways at next oil change.
  6. To Idle or Not Idle

    Oh man... well, you're better off than most with the engine block heater. I'd definitely check the spark plugs though! They're probably not torqued to spec with all the rapid cooling and heating (i.e. expansion of metals)!
  7. To Idle or Not Idle

    Best option is to hook up a propane heater and direct the airflow straight to the grill. Be careful not to get too close to the front though, less you melt the paint. You'll want to wait on starting the engine until the average temp of the engine bay is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Once...
  8. First pic of a production Earl color Wrangler?!

    I think if it had the balck top and fenders, it would look better to my eye. I'd say I'm neutral on the color. Not bad, but not great. I'm sure there will be quite a few that like it just as much as I like an old Sky Blue TJ or Orange CJ, or Orange (Punkin') JL
  9. Sunglass storage

    I just use the hand grab and have never had an issue... always there if I need them.
  10. Ford Bronco Buyers Spend an Average of $1700 on Ford Accessories

    $1700 you say? Average Jeep Enthusiast: "Hold my beer!..."
  11. Jeep Died One Mile Out on Beach - Need Advice

    LoL. So, the tl/dr of this thread is... Simple set of decisions: Change both the batteries or bypass or get a new system (with new batteries) like the Genesis kit. Also, eTorque; who knows what it really is!? Do you have two batteries? Maybe, but maybe not... Do you have a 12v system or a 48v...
  12. Left ear ache when wheeling with the driver window down

    Can't say I get any ear aches riding in the Jeep. I almost never drive it without the windows down save for heavy rain. Every now and then I'll leave the windows and top up just to make sure the a/c still works. That never lasts long though. Just doesn't feel right... 15+ years of sitting at...
  13. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    Yeah, that doesn't seem good at first watch lol... I'd call @TeraFlex and see what they say if you already haven't. For the pic, I'm guessing you have a clearance issue with the mount? That's not too uncommon. Other brands have the same issue, and usually suggest just removing material to...
  14. Rubicon steel bumper scratch

    My comment below isn't going to offer any real help, but in my humble opinion.... Scratches are fine on bumpers for Jeeps. Just an excuse for a "No shit! there I was...." story. ;)
  15. Electrical issues

    Dielectric grease will help prevent small particulates (i.e. dirt, dust, salt, etc.) and liquid intrusion in the connectors. The connector will still have plenty of contact for conducting electricity. It's not a bad thing to have in a repair kit, and generally a decent thing to put into a...
  16. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    Thanks for the reply. That actually answers a question I planned on calling about for the bushings. :)
  17. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    It's pretty flush on the bottom. If I had to say it's pushed in, then I would say it's inward by 1/16" at most... going by my eyecrometer and digitmeasure instruments.
  18. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    @TeraFlex quick question post install... My install went well, but I've just noticed that the top hinge is about 1/4" away from the tailgate body, and the lower hinge is snug against the tailgate body. There is a slight creek/squeek when opening and closing the tailgate, but otherwise the...