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  1. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    Did anyone else catch the video? What do you think of the Recon? I'd love to see all the details but I think at first glance it's a good looking vehicle. Hopefully it lives up to the heritage. Looks like it is part Wrangler, Renegade and the Liberty.
  2. What is this in/on my Wrangler JL

    Blinker Fluid Light?
  3. TPMS Sensor Refresh Speed

    On my JT I see roughly 2 pound adjustments when airing down. I use it to get close and fine tune with my own tire gauge. Like if I'm shooting to air down to 12 PSI I'll stop when the TPMS gets to 15.
  4. Challenge

    It's shiny
  5. Dealership Rant

    What part of Michigan is this dealer in?
  6. Go Pro Setup

    Have you considered a dash cam? If you are only using the Go Pro for off roading, a dash cam might be nice. I have the Nexar Beam and it's been great. It records to a SD card and to my iPhone. It will record hours and hours then start to overwrite once the storage is full. Here is a link to a...
  7. Why get a 4XE?

    What would you say is longish? At first glance, 17.5 doesn't seem that impressive. This past Sunday I drove 120 miles, going 75 in my '21 JT and got 16.5. Edit: I'd be curious to know what that same trip would be at 75 mph vs 80 in the 4Xe.
  8. Who's your free pass/exception?

    You people in monogamous relationships crack me up.
  9. Anyone know whats going on with Quadratec?

    Ordered a Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop on Friday, the 4th of March. It was delivered on Sunday the 6th.
  10. Pull the trigger on a JL Wrangler or avoid them?

    I've owned 6 Wranglers and now a Gladiator. I've never had serious issues with any of them (knocks on wood). No one goes around posting they drove 40 miles round trip to work and back and had no issues, even though it happens thousands of times each day across the country.
  11. Wireless carplay adapter for jeep wrangler

    Thanks! You are correct, you can't connect to 2 wifi networks at the same time.
  12. Wireless carplay adapter for jeep wrangler

    Does it use Bluetooth or wifi once everything has been set up? Their website shows both so it's a bit confusing. I have a dash cam that uses wifi so I couldn't be able to connect to both over wifi.
  13. White grille, Black Jeep? Any thoughts

    I'm sure it would look better than an angry grille.
  14. My Rubicon was totaled by an uninsured/unlicensed driver. What to try next? (dashcam video included)

    I'm glad you and your son are okay. That had to be scary to get hit like that and hear him upset. I didn't read all the comments above but my suggestion, if allowed by Washington law, would be to find out whose BMW that was and look into filing a law suit against them. A parent, friend, co...
  15. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    I did catch someone else's comment about the windows lowering and apparently this is pretty common on convertibles. So maybe not as big of a risk as it might seem, but then again we probably didn't think there was a big risk with their hardtops.
  16. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    Yeah, I've owned 6 Wranglers and never once have I wanted to take the doors off away from home. Whatever storage solution Ford has for the doors it must be a bit bulky to be able to protect doors while they're in the back. Can't imagine them doing too well in the back while off roading.
  17. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    I didn't see this elsewhere. If it's a double post please feel free to remove.
  18. Have you sold to Vroom?

    Exactly why I posted here - to find out if anyone had a bad experience with Vroom. I’m not as comfortable with Vroom as I am Carvana but $6,000 more helps ease the discomfort.
  19. Have you sold to Vroom?

    Buying through my dealer and Vroom offer is $6,000 more than Carvana. I’m conducting some due diligence to make sure others haven’t had issues with Vroom.
  20. Have you sold to Vroom?

    Apparently Shift does not do business in Metro Detroit. It’s not like we’re known as the Motor City or anything 🤷🏼‍♂️