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  1. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Update. Not even an hour after I posted, my dealer says its here! Gonna pick it up tomorrow morning!! Early pics sent by my salesguy:
  2. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    My dealer messaged me this morning before I got the tracker update (sorry @NDRugby they beat your tracker by an hour lol) that my order is in transit and may get here today?? By the time I saw the message and responded, he said it hadn't arrived today. Hoping Monday (unless they deliver...
  3. Jeep Wave Welcome Packet?

    I got one when I bought my 2019 GC in 2019. I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw this post. It was tucked in a file cabinet with my Jeep paperwork... 😆
  4. My Jeep is going bye bye

    I remember reading your woes with the bubbling paint shortly after signing up here. I read about that after I'd first test driven some used JLUR's and noticed the bubbling paint on some of their hinges. When I asked my salesguy, he said it was a "known issue", but didn't elaborate beyond that...
  5. Which 2 tone do you like best?

    E or F, though with E the way the top line terminates at the edge of where the sides of the hard top/soft top would be may look odd with tops on (assuming you didn't continue the line onto either top)
  6. Price increase 9/28

    This is going to be another interesting test for my dealer's value of me as a repeat customer
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    It's great to see more movement in the orders. Now I can finally relax a bit. I'd become so skeptical about this whole process because of how quickly I'd gotten scheduled. This is my first ever custom order vehicle after a ton of various vehicle purchases off dealer lots over the years, so I...
  8. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Took over a month, but finally this darn thing is being built 😍 Thanks to @NDRugby and their website, since it sent the update to me this morning, whereas I got crickets from my dealer or Jeep itself 🤣 Confirmed the update on Jeep's tracker. I might as well get it on Halloween...
  9. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    I'm one week behind you at 36 days, no tracker updates, no est. build indicated in them and my dealer has been giving me the same vanilla responses, except they won't give me any kind of date...just "around the end of the month" which then changed to "around early October"...which will more than...
  10. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    My dealer has been humoring me with "updates" when I ask them but the trackers show no movement for my order since it went to D1 on 8/23. My latest update from them was that my order was kicked to early October, but got crickets when I asked him for an estimated date so I can lock in rates, so...
  11. Touchless carwash leaks - normal?

    Silicon as a "fix" may work until it gets cold out. Unless I don't understand how silicon works in hot vs cold 😅
  12. The One Word Jeep Thread! And…

    I'm more fearful of what that front license plate says 🤣
  13. The One Word Jeep Thread! And…

    At least it's not angry looking 😝
  14. Buying a used JL today, opinions?

    For a potentially 4+ year old vehicle (if it was an early 2019 built in 2018), definitely would get a VIN and spend the money for a Carfax report before even taking the time to travel to see it. Seems like you're handy enough to deal with all of the normal wear and tear stuff, so the vehicle...
  15. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    Ahh, well, welcome back to the upper midwest! 😆 And thanks! 😁
  16. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    I've only been on this forum for a few months and this is the second time I've seen a post on a harrowing escape from a Jeep fire while just driving on an interstate road. Glad you both got out ok. Never a good time for this to happen, but it sucks that it happened during a move. Hopefully you...
  17. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Hoping for the best outcome on your situation. I saw your other posts about why you are looking to get out of your current one. The good thing is that you are paid off. If mine was paid off, I think I may have stopped looking into buying a Wrangler until rates cooled off. From what I've...
  18. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Happy you were able to get a good rate, but all this does is make me more miserable about my situation 😆
  19. 2023 Waiting/Venting Room

    Good to see that. It's funny, this place has become a sort of support system for all of us who are in various stages of limbo with our orders. It's nice to see when people get their orders moving, especially those who've been waiting for so long.
  20. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    The lack of being able to lock in a rate is absolutely aggravating because of how the dates keep getting kicked around by Jeep and the Fed has basically stated they aren't stopping the upticks on rates until inflation is under control. I'm not worried about being priced out...yet, as this is...