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  1. What is this plug?

    Any one know what this? Found today on carpet floor between left drivers side and rocket panel. Might not be from jeep but looks like plug of some kind.
  2. Locker sensor replaced

    Just had my locker sensor replaced under warranty. I asked for the other 4 but they have to send them back with the bad one. Tech was super cool and explained everything he saw and did to my jlr. Came out and showed me how everything is controlled by the radio. Things I had no idea of. 😎
  3. 4wd switch

    Just started; the rear locker switch light started blinking while driving. Any one have this happen and remedied?
  4. Ducked

    I got ducked. 🤣👍
  5. Rear hatch defrost

    Thought. I would attach the photo of tsb being applied at the dealer as I set here bored shitless. Flrst time to get this accomplished. Time consuming pita. If you read the tsb, after 2nd attempt to repair. They must replace the lift gate. Can’t even make a rear window defroster that works...
  6. Molle replacement

    Had passenger side Sun visor replaced also molle back of seat replaced. Ordered rear glass lift gate because of defrost wire separation. Warranty.
  7. Seat/dimmer

    Has anyone replaced their front seats in the Rubicon with a more comfortable and better quality. Also has anyone replaced the roll dash light dimmers with a more adjustable one? Thanks
  8. Orp

    No display of gps on orp this morning. Any one have an idea? Drove 45 miles to St. Augustine still no gps information. Thanks
  9. defender 90

    has anyone purchased or test drove the new landcover defender 90 2 door?
  10. Uconnect update

    FYI on the way to Daytona to the dealership my uconnect updated to 200820.0. Any one know what was updated?😎
  11. Engine code.

    What is engine code, Erc g and Erg 3. Can’t find on my paper work. Amsoil list these two different codes for the 3.6 when in the engine selection choice for ordering oil etc. thanks
  12. Air filter box fastener

    what gives with mopar parts. The dealer ordered a fastener for my air filter box a week ago with direct delivery to my address. Still not here already paid for with shipping included.
  13. Rear window electrical defroster glue / adhesive?

    Any of you guys out there know what type of glue or adhesive to use on that rear window electronic defroster wire that comes loose, mine just came loose. thank you.
  14. Battery choice

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on the genesis system for my jlr and would like some suggestion on batteries. Looked up the Odysey and Full river so far. Has to be group 25. Thanks
  15. Hood lock

    Just finished having the hood lock installed at the dealer. Great job. 😁😎
  16. 4wp

    Just got home from attending the annual 4wp truck and Jeep fest in Orlando. 100 mile plus round trip from my local. A kinda let down from two years ago. There were unbelievable Jeeps in the parking lot. They should have just roped off the parking lot and charged a fee instead of the 17.00 dollar...
  17. Stock modification

    It would be interesting to have a section devoted to non- lifted jeep modifications just curious. There are quite a few jeepers who don’t lift. 😱
  18. Florida Free stuff

    Give away. Suspension parts. Track bar, tie rods, lca’s etc. these are free. You pu. Just don’t want to send to metal yard. Came off my 2dr 2020 jlr. Replaced my stuff with steersmarts.
  19. Reverse with open door.

    Has anyone figured out how to disconnect whatever,so you can back up with the driver’s door open? 😎
  20. Florida Suspension parts

    You pu, free 2020 2dr Ruby front suspension parts. replaced mine with steersmarts. Lca’s also. Steering stabilizer,drag link tie rods,track bar. Crescent city Fl. Send private msg.