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  1. How many members here wheel serious off road with stock size tires and OEM lift?

    What skid plates did you end up going with, I'm a huge advocate for doing everything stock showing off some of these other guys with crazy mods and loss of money. Buuuut i do tent to scrape and klunk a little more, and i havent found a good set of skids for the sport, and i have the same as...
  2. Duck Duck Jeep: Featuring World’s Largest Duck and Free Rubber Ducks at the Detroit Auto Show

    When a Mom and her 4 year old walks up and he asked if he could give me a duck. I cant say no. I thought it was stupid to, then I saw the big ole smile on his face, and it made my day. Leaving it in the middle console tho!😂
  3. Can you name the noise?

    I DMed him to see what he came out with, I’ll read more later on it but 108 pgs is a lot, so hopefully he can gimme a short cut😂
  4. Can you name the noise?

    Thanks for the link man🤙🏼
  5. Can you name the noise?

    Here is the video of it in the shop. TYIA
  6. Can you name the noise?

    Ok I’m going to be honest, idk what’s going out, but that was my best guess, there is a slight knock in rear drivers wheel well every time I let off the gas at slower speeds or right when I’m pulling up to a stop sign. And if I let it cruise at idle speed sometimes you can hear it at a constant...
  7. Blown transmission at 500 miles

    Is there a way to tell which Trans we have?
  8. Blown transmission at 500 miles

    My Transmission also went out pretty early, 20,000 miles started getting stuck in 8th gear then shifting super rough. Read the codes it was flashing saw it was transmission started freaking out then I remembered about my warranty and got an $8,000 repair for free!!! I got a brand new...
  9. Repurpose Automatic Start Battery?

    how do i know if i have etorque or not?
  10. Repurpose Automatic Start Battery?

    yea i saw that,:CWL::CWL::CWL: i would rather dig into the battery thats already there.
  11. Repurpose Automatic Start Battery?

    Roger that thing looks pretty legit. If i ever delete the system i might test the power to see what it can run anything at all.
  12. Repurpose Automatic Start Battery?

    As far as I'm tracking there is a second battery and second starter for the Automatic Start on the JL's. I know I'm not the only person that completely hates that function. I am posting to see if anyone has deleted that stupid autostart system, but kept the battery around to utilize it as a...
  13. Wheel Torque Specifications JL/JLU

    I have no problem breaking them loose, just hold your breath and pull
  14. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    Love this look man, both full widths look awesome, ill have to do some research on which one to get, but i do think the powder coat is super clean and this one fits the body line so much more!!!
  15. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    thats one kick ass style, been looking for a decent full length but all of them look so off from the jeep body style, so the stubbys are the only ones that look good, but this is kinda a stubby style with added horizontal protection. im so glad i saw this man, price is decent too!!!
  16. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    What bumper is the last one you posted?
  17. 4xe rubicon take offs -> 2018 jlu sport s

    And that’s good enough! Is that a Rino rack on your jeep? If so, what’s it rated for?
  18. 4xe rubicon take offs -> 2018 jlu sport s

    Did it level it out completely to where you add weight in the back and it looks to be sagging?
  19. 2018 JLU Sport Build

    I’m trying to do something very similar, just put rubicon take off suspension on the jeep and ordered 1.75 in spacers for the tires and I’m going to throw them on till I get 33s