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  1. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I can simply suggest driving with the doors off for a bit. Airs it out, no scientific data to prove it'll work but it's fun!
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    looks like mopar tube doors
  3. The One Word Jeep Thread! And…

    Is that 1/10th or 1/8th? I have 1/24th and it's pretty sweet
  4. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    Same here, unless they added an upgrade gear for lsd
  5. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    That's good, I'm pretty handy with making stuff work, I just wish it was a better install and proper hardware
  6. Seams cracking and been wait 8 months

    I read the op in a scottish accent and it sounds right but I'm still not sure what it is about, It's not good.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I just did the same last week
  8. What is your favorite pocket tool for jeeping?

    I have the leatherman signal, use it all the time. Lost the pocket clip screw and found it a few days later on a scissor lift at the job site. Almost bought a new one and kept the old one for parts. I've used all the tools on it except for the fire starter
  9. 2022 Gobi Willys XR - Jk Africa/ FJ40 Blend Build

    I had the same lego set, still have most of the pieces. Missing an axle though. As much as I love legos I enjoy my jeep more. You're off to a good start
  10. Automatic with 4.88 factory order??

    I wish I could help but I don't know, seems like it would be awesome to have those from the factory, I have poor man's jlu with 3.45 gears and auto 3.6
  11. Blackout options

    Not sure about those, I have a poor man's sport jlu, I have an aftermarket bumper too
  12. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    That's a good amount of snow about the same when I got stuck on wheeler pass out here near Las Vegas. I wish we got more snow, used to live in Colorado and before that the outer banks(ocracoke to be more specific) We need more weather than just sunshine but I can't complain when I can drive...
  13. Blackout options

    For sure saves money, I put newspaper and blue painters tape around the Jeep logo on mine and a few coats of plasti dip let it dry and peel it all off was a peice of cake.
  14. Automatic with 4.88 factory order??

    4 gallons of gas for 12 dollars?
  15. Blackout options

    You could easily plasti dip all the parts you want, many people have done this, you could pull all the parts off and do it separately or just do it with them all still installed and scrape the excess plasti dip off.
  16. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    You can get a lot of different input on this forum about what's best for snow/offroading. I think the most important thing is going to be tires, any lsd is going to help but driving characteristics and conditions vary a lot. The minimal snow driving I get to do out here in the west is not the...
  17. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    I have lsd equipped on my jlu, it works well. I have used 4wd multiple times with no issues and 4wd low a couple of times and was impressed with how well it crawled up a rocky desert road. I have driven in snow a few times with minimal issues, got stuck once when stock and @Whiskeybiskit was...