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  1. Texas Sold: 2020 Rubicon Rims $200

    No scratches, no issues. Had them On until today. Pick up in Mansfield preferred (DFW area). Not wanting to ship, as the shipping would be more than the rims. Let me know if you have any questions! price includes all 5
  2. Texas Sold: 5 wheels and tires off 2020 Rubi - $600

    Swapping out my wheels and tires. 22k miles on them. All 5 included as is. They should be available this week (just need to take them off and get the new ones on). 1 has less than 2k miles, and they just recently rotated the spare. No searches or dents. Pick up in Mansfield area (DFW). Let me...
  3. Over the air update issue

    Jeep, can we please do an update that doesn’t give the user a heart attack for once? Lord. I lost my AC, backup camera, satellite, off-road pages and climate control. I drove home with the heater on full blast and AM radio. Super not fun. Yes, it cleared up... 2 hours later. But really, why all...
  4. Texas Freedom panel storage bag

    Brand new and in the bag. Dealership gave me two for some reason. $25 if you pick it up. DFW area, Mansfield specifically. Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. Lighting options

    Looking to add some aux lights and I’m somewhat versed. However, there are huge discrepancies between some of the options. I’m not adding a light bar, just two to the front bar. Curious how I’m seeing $60 lights with high ratings and $300 lights with the same ratings- and same stats. Anyone...
  6. Texas Sold: Basically new Rubicon Rockrails (OEM)

    Off my new 2020 Rubi. All nuts and bolts included. No scratches or dents. Pick up in Mansfield Texas or I could meet you within a reasonable distance of it (+\-) 20 miles. $50. Not shipping, as that would be pointless with the size and weight.
  7. Texas Sold: Brand new gap hider

    $20. Brand new. I bought the set for the non-leather and ended up with leather after delivery. So, this is the one that comes in the kit- brand new. local pick up, I don’t think shipping would be cost effective due to size.
  8. Differences in the 2020 JL thread

    I’m learning that the 2020 JL has some subtle differences that have already impacted a purchase or two. I figured I would pass along what I know and if others see more, post away! 1) the back of the back seat is different. The prior version had subtle holes that (when cut out) allowed you to...
  9. My 2018 Sahara is now a 2020 Rubi!

    Well, she finally got here. After a long a winding road- she’s home. Fun story: So I went to Classic jeep in arlington and decided to see about options. My Sahara was close to warranty and (as some remember on another thread) I was ready to just shut up and buy a rubicon. Some back story- this...
  10. Ok, I’ll admit that I am a hypocrite...

    For years, I have stated that you can be completely happy with a sport or Sahara model. In fact, I had 3 combined. But deep down inside. . . Buried between my secret dislike for Texas BBQ... was me wanting a Rubicon. Not because it needed to cross a grand mountain, or ford a spectacular...
  11. So, it’s hot in Texas today...

    Jumped in the rig to grab lunch. Didn’t know I parked on Alderaan!
  12. Cabin filter question

    So I’m perplexed: I went to four parts stores and all show the 2018 and above JLs with 2 cabin air filters. I have 1 large one. They all didn’t carry that one. It’s a 2 year old vehicle, so I found it odd that no one seems to make it. So does everyone else have 2 in theirs or is this some weird...
  13. Turbo advice- worth it?

    So I’m assuming I’ll be trading in my 2018 for a 2020 as soon as the sarge color comes out. I have had the 3.6 on the last three wranglers. I see now that the 2.0 will be a cheaper option than the 3.6 in the future. I’ve driven both, consider them about equal, but am curious how the Current...
  14. Texas Sold: Texas/DFW Smittybuilt Winch Shackle

    New, never used. Just don’t need it. $50. I can ship, but local would save you some cash :)
  15. Parking location updated?

    Randomly I am getting alerts that the location of my vehicle is changing and it pops over to Google Maps. It’s always where I have it parked, but it’s not every time that I get out. Does anyone have a clue as to what this is and why it is doing it? (And if this is helpful- I cancelled Guardian...
  16. sold! Well given away!

    Not damaged, just removed for aftermarket. Bumper only. Yours if you need or want it. Comes with all the original hardware. Not piecing it out, so if you want it- it’s free for all of it at the same time :)
  17. WTB- rubicon tires and wheels (with sensor)- dfw area

    Let me know if you are in the dfw area. Wheels, tires and sensors off a rubicon. New preferred. Thanks in advance!
  18. 14-18 JKU carpet floor mats- Dallas

    just needs a vacuum. Barely used. Been in storage for a while. $20 Pick up only, as I’d lose money shipping.
  19. JLUS suspension takeoffs - Dallas

    took these off at about 1000 miles. Clean, no issues. Full setup. If you have a sport, it certainly improves the ride and raises it about an inch. Let me know! $70
  20. Steel bumpers on a factory sport?

    walking through the dealership and saw this. Brand new factory model. Front and back steel. Doesn’t look to be aftermarket, as there is no add on or other options. Odd...