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  1. Wiring Tailgate Items to Electrical Sources

    Googling for this information brought me here: the same question for the same reason, a beautiful AAL Versatable.
  2. XR Xtreme Recon Package removed from 392 order banks

    "fixed" and "proportional" are mutually exclusive terms. Superchargers are proportional to RPM; turbos are proportional to exhaust; neither are "fixed". Turbos do deliver 90% peak torque at just above idle (~1200 RPM)
  3. Jeep needs a Beep (idiot alarm)

    I would assume there'd be a firmware update so all JLUs have the same software. And yeah, I hate that f'in honking--what a dumbass idea.
  4. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    What's your battery lookin' like? Too low voltage will cause wonkiness like that. I'd look at my DTCs, clear them, and then see what trips first, if anything.
  5. Finally test drive a 392

    🤦‍♂️ Resorting to attacking the person or other tin-foil-hattery means you forfeit. That could be fun. Hope the extra 1 MPG over the 392, the extra heat, and the extra complexity make the small power and weight advantage worth it! So...check back around 2030 when you get it? There are good...
  6. Finally test drive a 392

    What do you think is a "great price" on a slightly used (potentially messed up) 392? If it isn't much cheaper than what you can find on here, then it's far from a "great price" Using a stopwatch whilst driving is going to add time to the ET; use an accelerometer Nobody claimed under 5 seconds...
  7. I can’t decide which engine and transmission to get

    If I interpret correctly: You don't care for the Pentastar You have concerns over the 2.0T (as you should) The 4xe is the same engine as the 2.0T but with more weight/complexity This leaves the diesel and the 392. If you're in Europe, diesel might be more convenient; else, 392. The 392...
  8. JL Tazer screwed up and screwed me (a little)

    Did you follow the Tazer's instructions to the letter?
  9. Tazer issues

    I don't know that there's anything that can compete with the Tazer feature-wise.
  10. "Performance Limited" Error code

    In my mind, "drivability" and "performance" are two different things. I can see FCA saying "live with it" or even patching the firmware to ignore it rather than replacing all those pumps and lines if that's the culprit. Were it me, I would want what I bought to work as it's supposed to, not...
  11. Tazer issues

    Windows computers are cheap/free (you don't need anything fancy--someone's old one would be fine); I keep at least one around for software compatibility: Tazer, GMRS and ham radios, a USB power load/tester, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. I'm a mac user. I do wish the Tazer...
  12. Sky One-Touch Power Roof owners - would you get it again?

    Yes. Yes. No: the only "problem" is that stupid audio profile switching thing that makes the stereo sound like shit (workaround: tap SoT closed for 2 milliseconds to restore normal audio--hopefully the Tazer will have a solution) I don't do mechanical car washes.
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    I just picked up one of these (all my extinguishers are Amerex):
  14. XR Xtreme Recon Package removed from 392 order banks

    I should hope so...should get some benefit from having turbos and a smaller engine. What I'm referring to is power delivery, sound, how it feels, longevity/reliability, complexity/simplicity, temperature, etc. The smallish gains in hp/tq and MPG aren't worth it to me (and I'm sure I'm not alone).
  15. XR Xtreme Recon Package removed from 392 order banks

    Only to those who only care about peak numbers.
  16. How do I get this off?

    I agree with Smcdowell; I would try a Sodium percarbonate product as well (OxiClean, Cafiza, et al.) and let it sit overnight.
  17. jlu rubicon 15.4-19.3 mpg

    There's a whole "Performance is Limited" thread you may want to check
  18. jlu rubicon 15.4-19.3 mpg

    12-13 around town and not driving conservatively and without cylinder deactivation most of the time Haven't been on the freeway yet
  19. Service Appointment Problems

    $35/day? That might get you one of those electric scooters...