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  1. Rubicon sway bar questions

    I was wondering if anyone here has rigged the stock electronic sway bar to their vehicle ( one that is not a Rubi) just using an electrical connection. is the actuator powered by normal 12v or does it get some different electrical signal. Anyone here tried testing the terminals and might...
  2. @15k miles and rear main seal already leaking

    Any recommendations from the experienced?
  3. 3.6 with off idle jerking stumbling resolved

    A while back I started noticing that @ about 6k miles the car had torque spikes under 2k rpms (it had jerking during acceleration).now at 15k it was just way more pronounced and started to act like clutch chatter ... which I could have sworn it was but .. could u believe the air filter was the...
  4. Will it fit? Yeah baby..maybe

    Who knew my jeep could be cooler this way. Anything larger and it would require cutting stuff. Spal # 30102053
  5. Just stained the drivers seat ..through my shorts..

    I wonder how u guys fare under emergency maneuvers during really hard stops. Was @ highway speed on the interstate when the vehicle in front slammed on the brakes. The cars in front of me didn't seem have problems to come to a stop but my 2020 jeerp sure felt like it wanted to go sideways...
  6. Bad 87 gas revisited, giving it the beans on 93 octane now

    Hey guys the 3.6 definitely doesn't fare too well with the 87 octane . One full fill up of 93 and there's no more pinging. So much for the recommended stuff
  7. 3.6 engine and 87 octane a no-no

    I dumped some of the lucass magic oil in the tank. It took a few miles but now it's mixed in well and a definite difference is felt . Of idle it would have some jerking (torque spikes)and u could hear some pinging . Cant hear it no more ...and finally of idle accel is smooth. 87 octane is...
  8. Turbo 4 JL detailed pics of the auxiliary cooler and connections?+ adjusting radiator fan temp on settings ?

    Would anyone be so kind to post pics of the auxiliary radiator and connections for the turbo 4 engines. I need to find out how I would connect this radiator and tie it in the 3.6 pent. engine bay... also, anyone know how to change radiator fan temp on settings on stock systems. Thanx