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  1. Cleaning magnets inside rear axle - 18' JLU Rubicon

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to diagnose failing lockers on an 18' JLUR with just over 100K miles. I'm going to bypass locker switches with aux switch panel and run Mopar wiring harnesses. Attempted to wire the lockers without the Mopar wiring harnesses (just generic wiring) and the 30 Amp fuses...
  2. New Mexico WTT: JLU Premium Twill Black Soft Top for Premium Tan Soft Top

    I'm near Albuquerque and want to change up my JLUR premium black soft top for a premium tan soft top. Willing to travel to do trade. My black soft top is used and in excellent condition.
  3. Hamburger's Supercharger..?

    Does anyone have any experience with Hamburger's? Just came across it, had never heard of it. Similar setup to RIPP it looks like.
  4. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    Anyone try these yet? I'm curious how fitment would work with the Alpine speaker enclosures. They look promising!
  5. Stealth Light Bar

    Dear @Quadratec, Could you please make a split version of your new stealth light bar that is compatible with JLs and JTs that have the adaptive cruise control module behind the rearview mirror? I need one...
  6. WTB: Tazer Mini

    Looking for a fully functional Z Automotive JLJL Taz Mini, new or used.
  7. Anyone try to mount 16.5" wheels yet?

    I'd love to know... can we run 16.5" diameter wheels? I'm sure 16" don't work, but I have a feeling 16.5" might fit... even if barely. There are many awesome 16.5" options out there that are affordable and would work and look great if the diameter clears. Anyone try this or have access to check?
  8. EPA Fines Aftermarket Diesel Tuners

    Do you guys think this will put a hamper on ecodiesel performance upgrades?
  9. Pentastar + BSG + 6 Speed Manual

    Any thoughts on whether the manual trans will or will not be available with the 3.6 with BSG? I'm also wondering if we'll know how the pentastar will perform with BSG before MY '18 production ends..
  10. 35" and 37" effect on MPG

    For those running 35s and 37s, have you calculated the MPGs before and after?
  11. Tan Leather Interior for Offroad Use

    How does the tan leather hold up to the crap Jeeps go through offroading on the regular? I love the look but I'm afraid it would look horrible fairly quickly with dirt, sand, black rubber scuffs, etc. Anyone have experience wheeling with tan leather?
  12. JLUR Certified CTI

    From MetalCloak's FB page: What do you guys think?
  13. JLUR upgrade to 35s from the dealer

    Has anyone had any luck getting a dealer to swap 35s with their order? What kind of deal were you able to work out?
  14. JL/JLU Rubicon Rear Fenders

    The rear fenders on the JL appear to be the same for all trims. The Rubicon front fenders are obviously higher than on other trims, but the rear Rubicon fenders don't seem any higher. The fenders appear to be the same height front and rear on Sport and Sahara JLs, but unequal height on the JL...
  15. What top looks best?

    The new soft top works great but has a hump on the roof. The hard top doesn't have the hump. Which look do you prefer on a JLU?
  16. Remote Start Retrofit w/ 6 Speed Manual

    I know the remote start is not a factory option with the manual transmission and understand why the Jeep lawyers wouldn't want it offered with the manual. With that said, I want a 6-speed manual and remote start and would rather not go aftermarket for remote start capabilities. Anyone have any...