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  1. Start/Stop opinion?

    My auto start stop completely stopped working. And everything still works fine! And I don't intend on having it fixed haha
  2. OK, show of hands... Who else also just happens to own the best looking Jeep in their neighborhood?

    I thought my new neighbors jeep was nicer than mine until he backed it into his driveway and saw he had a lighted angry grill 😮
  3. Vendors and JL vs JLU

    Darn it, I'll make a JLU forum. Everyone with a JLU follow me there haha.
  4. Jeep Wrangler IIHS New Impact Test

    I posted this on here when I got rear ended. This is my first jeep and when I got out after getting hit I was expecting major damage and too my surprise there was very little. Other driver got taken away in an ambulance. The tow truck driver that took the other car says " that's a stout jeep" 😂...
  5. Changing from halogen headlights to LEDs

    I have beamtech in mine. Never been flashed by anyone. And I couldn't be happier with the price.
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got some wheels and tires the other day! They're 285/70R17 ridge grapplers with some pro comp wheels. This is my first time posting in this thread. Other mods I've done are Rubicon take off rock sliders, rugged ridge tail light guards and upgraded my headlights to LED.
  7. Dumb question

    Yeah that's pretty much the plan, I regret selling my jack and stands I had before
  8. Dumb question

    AEV ? Maybe paint it as well
  9. Dumb question

    I like the wood idea haha, maybe if I put a sticker on it then it will be off-road worthy
  10. Dumb question

    I didn't even think about getting something to go underneath. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Dumb question

    Ok guys so I've had my jlu sport s for over a year now and I finally got around to ordering some wheels and tires. I got 285/70r17 nitto ridge grapplers. The scissor Jack should be enough for me to change the tires out right? Just trying to plan if I should buy something else to do the job
  12. Rear ended... Jeep declared winner

    Yeah the spare got pushed back a little. It's touching the little rubber bump stop on the tailgate. It's funny to hear how jeeps hold up in accidents
  13. Rear ended... Jeep declared winner

    That's too funny, I couldn't take it looking like that so I broke out there duct tape and zip ties and rigged it up from the inside so it stayed tight to the body. I'll tell you what those tail light covers are no joke 😂
  14. Rear ended... Jeep declared winner

    Oh that's good to know, maybe I can get a nice bumper out of it haha
  15. Rear ended... Jeep declared winner

    Did you have it fixed at a dealer or a body shop? I'm weighing my options. We're moving mid October and I'm not sure what'll be faster
  16. Rear ended... Jeep declared winner

    Today I was out and was rear ended by a lady that must have been distracted. Was creeping in neutral to a red light when I heard screeching and got smashed. Got out to inspect the damedge and to my surprise I had very little damedge at all. The other car was not as lucky though. Driver had to be...
  17. Tennessee 5 Milestar Patagonia Tires 315/70/17

    Man that's too bad I got excited when I saw them. looking for something that I can just throw on without modifications
  18. Tennessee 5 Milestar Patagonia Tires 315/70/17

    Probably no chance of these fitting on a stock sport s right? I live up in FT. campbell
  19. Brighter Headlight Bulb Recommendations?

    Definitely recommend beamtech as well. been using them for a few months and you can find them on amazon so how much better can it get.
  20. question for the manual guys

    Interesting, thanks that's some pretty good info.