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  1. Just Finishes Re-Gearing to 5.13

    Just did my first couple break-in runs on my 3.6 manual JLUR. These gears are perfect for me with the manual and 37” Trail Grapplers. First time doing my own gears but thanks to @chevymitchell and another helpful Facebook group it wasn’t that bad at all. Wife got me a press and a few other...
  2. Drill Bits

    Any of you machinist-types have a good set of drill bits you recommend that won't cost a fortune. I'm not opposed to spending a decent amount. I'm tired of throwing out HF bits after 1 or 2 uses.
  3. Fox ATS JK steering stabilizer on a JL?

    Anyone have this set up? I have the JL specific one and am not happy with the inability to relocate it. I have heard it comes with everything you need to relocate it. I'm assuming I need the 1-3/8" version for the stock tie rod? Thanks for the help. I'll have the very lightly used JL version up...
  4. Oregon 2019 Rubicon Suspension

    Complete with springs with isolators, shocks, control arms, sway bar links, steering stabilizer, and both front and rear track bars. Asking $400. Local pickup only west of Portland.
  5. 6 speed manual and TBW

    Any of you 6-speed drivers notice RPM not immediately dropping when shifting, especially with hard acceleration? I'm assuming there's a problem with my TBW but wanted to see if I'm alone here. When I'm really on the throttle and shifting at higher RPM, my RPM doesn't immediately drop when I let...
  6. Oregon Sold: 5 Rubicon wheels/tires Portland, OR

    Off my month old 2019 JLUR. Includes factory tpms sensors and lug nuts. 400 miles on tires. $1500. Local pickup only.
  7. Rubicon Sold: Rubicon Parts, Portland, OR

    I have stock Rubicon wheels and tires with factory tpms sensors. 400 miles. Front and rear steel Rubicon bumpers with all hardware and factory front skid. I'll soon have complete Rubicon suspension. All off my month-old 2019 JLUR. $1500 for 5 wheels/tires. $800 for bumpers. All in the...
  8. Ordered from Peterson's in ID

    Just pulled the trigger on Punk'n Rubi 6-speed with pretty much every option from Peterson's in ID. Almost 8% below invoice. Now the waiting game begins. If you want an incredible deal with an excellent salesman, call or email Kent and get a quote. He's ordered something like 90 JLs already.
  9. Restrictions

    Just got a quote. Apparently there's a restriction on the LED group and the steel bumper group. Anyone else running into this?
  10. Restrictions?

    Just got a quote. Apparently there’s a restriction on the steel bumper group and LED group. Anyone else running into this?