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  1. Bourbon talk...

    Grabbed the last one on the shelf for $40 this afternoon. I had been kicking myself for not getting one a month ago when they had it last.
  2. 3D Printer Files

    They are both frustrating and fun. A lot of frustration can be avoided by wathing a few videos on assembling the printer abd making sure everything is square.
  3. Bourbon talk...

    I started an Infinity Bottle of Wheaters only. So far 2oz of: regular Maker's Mark, Weller SR, Larceny small batch, Rebel Cask Strength and Rebel Distillers Collection. Now the hunt is on for other wheaters.
  4. 3D Printer Files

    I did a remix of the Sun Visor fix. Beveled screw holes with support so they don't crack when you crank down on the screws abd tapered ends.
  5. Bourbon talk...

    Whats the story with the limited edition Maker's? Have't seen that one.
  6. Bourbon talk...

    I grabbed a few bottles while I was out today. I also filled some jars with cherries soaking in Maker's Mark, simple syrup and some other stuff for coctails.
  7. ⚡️ 2024 Jeep Recon EV Revealed! (Off-Road Capable BEV) *** ⚠️ WARNING: NO POLITICS ***

    Not necessarily. Compass Trailhawk and Renegade Trailhawk are "Trail Rated". They don't even have a low range. My daughter has a Compass Trailhawk, and its a nice soft-roader, but it's not going to make it through the Rubicon Trail.
  8. Is my 2018 8.4 Uconnect Up to Date?

    Not sure on versions, but try pulling fuse 97 under the hood. Leave it out for a few minutes then put it back on. Start your jeep. The radio will act flaky for a while but will get back to normal after some time. Your USB connections should act right too.
  9. Bourbon talk...

    We recently cleared out a bunch of junk at my office. I vollunteered my F250 to make a run to the dump with a load of old chairs and cubicle parts. In appreciation, the boss gave me a bottle of Weller Special Reserve. I prefer wheaters, and Makers Mark is my go to, but I'm going to try...
  10. Questions about issues after main battery replacement?

    As others said, repace the AUX battery. As for your push to start, replace the battery in the remote
  11. Adding rock sliders while keeping the OEM Rubicon rails?

    Barricade has some sliders that work with Rubi Rails like ACE sliders do. I can't vouch for the quality though.
  12. 3D Printer Files

    Here's a go at JL fender clips. I have not tried this on a fender yet. I printed it on an Ender 3 V2. I turnet it on its side and used tree supports. Actual Mopar 68526185AA clip on left, 3D printed on right.
  13. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I snagged mine in the summer of 2020. AEV was running a sale buy 4 get 1 free, and I got a set through Northridge for under $1800 to my door. From what I understand a sale is something AEV never does. My rings were Onyx on Onyx wheels. Rash got them right away, so I painted them. In...
  14. Start/Stop opinion?

    You can turn it off with a switch on the dash. IIRC, in 4low its disabled too. There are aftermarket devices to disable it permanently or some other ways like pulling one of the hood shut sensors. I have the v6, but, TBH, its never bothered me.
  15. Alpine speaker grills, no longer say alpine since what year?

    On my 19 JLUR the 8.4 inch Radio and Premium Audio Group was a $1595 option. Kinda glad my speakers are all black, TBH.
  16. Alpine speaker grills, no longer say alpine since what year?

    My 2019 JLUR 4-door only has branding on the subwoofer.
  17. Teraflex Business Sold…….

    Hutchinson Rock Monsters. The ones posted above. Thats about it. AEVs are Chinese as are just about and cast wheels now days.
  18. How many miles/kms before your first windshield chip or break?

    41500 miles over 39 months and still on my original. I even had a direct hit with a bird... blood and feathers every where, but the windshield survived.
  19. Thoughts on buying JL with moderate crash...

    Based on the VIN in that ad, that's a 4 year old (5 model years) vehicle that's been crashed. Sticker price was $45,335 and the only options are LED lights and Automatic Transmission. Low miles is the only plus on it I see. Hard pass if it was me.