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  1. Anyone see this before?

    If it’s under warranty, I would leave it and have the dealer inspect it. Is it leaking?
  2. Wrangler vs Gladiator?

    Who cares how many are sitting on dealer lots, as long as people who want to buy one of either can get one? They’re both great vehicles! Let’s be glad they both exist!
  3. Determining distance travelled per rotation of the driveshaft

    Can I ask why you would want to do that vs using the speedometer (recalibrated for tires/gears)? Also, the radius of the circle traveled by the magnet is immaterial. 1 rotation is 1 rotation.
  4. 8 speed auto questions?

    The 8-speed is a true game changer. It hides incorrect axle gearing with big tires like nothing before it. Quick acceleration and smooth shifts. Drive one for sure!
  5. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    Nope. We waived at CJ7s, CJ5s, and even Wranglers…all the same. I wish I had my Scrambler back…
  6. Talk me out of it?

    I think it’s awesome that we all get to choose whatever configuration we want.
  7. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    Gladiators brought some new people into the fold, just like the 4-door did in 2007. They may not get it yet. I wave and get waves back from most Wranglers and CJs. It probably depends on the community you’re in.
  8. Talk me out of it?

    The difference in the base price of a Rubicon Gladiator vs. a Rubicon Wrangler Unlimited is $1,730. You get a lot of towing and payload capacity for that. Tight trails in a Gladiator are significantly more work, but are still doable.
  9. Talk me out of it?

    My bad. Context and inflection are lost in type.
  10. Talk me out of it?

    I think you took the title too literally and specifically, but then again, maybe I erred and didn't. I assumed the OP would want to hear from informed people with valid experience with either position, and just figured I would provide a counter-perspective to your unqualified post. Carry on.
  11. Talk me out of it?

    I wasn't trying to talk you out of a JT, I was countering your post. It was name-calling, mostly-derogatory opinion, and not based on fact. Have you even driven one, or compared it to the other midsized trucks available? Everyone who says they don't look right with stock suspension and tires is...
  12. Project 392

    I thought the same thing, and was like, "That could be really cool!" You could sneak up on sleeping tractors and then rev your engine really loud, causing them to tip over! (I'll wait and see who gets this reference..."
  13. Talk me out of it?

    So, it’s Wrangler with a bed the size of a mid-sized quad cab truck…. I’ve owned 19 Jeeps. The Gladiator is great for people who want a Wrangler but need a truck bed occasionally. I’m actually going to be selling mine to move back to a Wrangler, but not because a Wrangler is “better” than a...
  14. Proof the Willy’s XR does exist!

    The Jeep website still wont let you build one of these. I wish they would get it updated…
  15. Are Car Shows Dead?

    Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles are the only auto shows in the US affiliated with Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles. That is where the major auto companies really show up. Lately, auto manufacturers have shown more support even to CES, where their in-car technology...
  16. Should I Get Alignment at Dealer or Independent Shop?

    Loading your Jeep for transport will not mess up the alignment. It can literally be done with a tape measure and a 15mm wrench.
  17. Broken TPMS RECEIVER sensor? Where's it located?

    Did anyone ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem in my Gladiator.
  18. Xtreme Recon wheels and 37" tires?

    The XR wheels are the same as the Mopar Performance 8” wide +12 offset wheels, right? If so, 37s should work just fine.
  19. 39s BFG KM3 uneven tread +/-6mm normal?

    We’re they machine balanced, or were balancing beads used?