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  1. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Looks like it does OK in parking lots. 😎
  2. Slapped 33's on my 4xe Sahara!

    33s look good on an unlifted Wrangler. They fill the wheelwells nicely and don't add a lot of weight.
  3. When did this long wait times for production start?

    Ordered my '21 80th Edition the 1st Saturday in February last year and received it on March 15th. The dealer said it would be 6 weeks and it arrived in 5 weeks, 6 days. My guess is the supply chain issues just hadn't kicked in yet at that point.
  4. Most annoying thing about my Wranglers

    Most annoying thing about my Wrangler The narrow footwell for the driver. My sasquatch feet don't like it at all.
  5. Start/Stop opinion?

    The SS works flawlessly on my '21 with 2.0T and 8spd auto. Doesn't kick in when the AC is running but in cooler weather it operates smoothly. Saves a little gas and eliminates a tiny bit of pollution so I kinda like it.
  6. What's the best cheap Amazon accessory you've bought?

    I've noticed that but it hasn't been an issue.
  7. What's the best cheap Amazon accessory you've bought?

    I'm 6 ft and 225lbs, so not small. I haven't had any issues with rubbing.
  8. What's the best cheap Amazon accessory you've bought?

    This little storage gizmo. I use it all the time.
  9. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    Approaching 9000 miles on mine with avg mpgs in the 24/25 range. I notice the mileage drops off pretty sharply at speeds over 65.
  10. Lets see those 2drs OFFROAD (pictures zone)

    Hell's revenge, Moab
  11. A Murder Jeep!!

    Yeah, well... At least it's not a JL. ;)
  12. Jeeps Jeeps Everywhere

    In addition to Wranglers, I see plenty of Renegades, Grand Cherokees, Gladiators, and Cherokees around here. Seems to be Jeep country.
  13. What's the longest trip you've ever taken on your Wrangler?

    1200 mile round trip to Moab last fall. My near stock 2dr 80th Edition did great on tough trails and was surprisingly comfortable on the road up and back. Only mods are sway bar disconnects and 33" tires.
  14. This is so many kinds of awesome

    Hamm's was kinda popular years ago when I lived in the Midwest. Haven't seen any since I don't know when, though. "From the land of sky blue waters"
  15. Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle Options?

    I have the LSD in my '21 2 dr 80th Edition. Soft sand? No sweat. Of course, I air down to about 18 psi before taking on sandy terrain and that makes a big difference. I also went over a number of Badge of Honor (and other) trails at Moab last year and the LSD was excellent. Wouldn't buy a new...
  16. Is getting Jeep warranty service a local or national problem?

    Jeez Louise! Sorry to hear about all the snafus you guys have been having with service. Maybe I've just been fortunate. The dealer I bought both my Wrangler and Renegade from has always scheduled me within a couple of days and gotten me in and out within the same day. But then, it's been...
  17. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Another reason to avoid Starbucks...