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  1. Help! Snapped my axle on my 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon and I need advice!

    I have seen things like this before. The sensors will work if a radiator hose bursts and there is a sudden increase in the temperature. When there is a slow leak like this, the sensors will respond when the overflow bottle is empty and the coolant levels in the radiator start to get low. By...
  2. Help! Snapped my axle on my 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon and I need advice!

    Ouch... My mechanic friends always recommend checking your coolant levels each week when you put gas in the vehicle. It is a good way to identify these issues before they cause significant damage. You were very lucky with this one.
  3. What mods do you regret and would NOT do again?

    Which clear film product would you use? Has anyone tried this? It would have to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Great thread.
  4. Worth it to switch Sport suspension with Rubicon factory springs and shocks?

    Okay... So after this, no more modifications for the next couple of years. Where have I heard that before?
  5. Maybe looking for second Jeep? Questions and thoughts

    Why do you want a Gladiator instead of a JLUR? You are willing to acquire a trailer. A JLUR would be a better option for off roading. In some situations, the Gladiator will get hung up since it is a longer vehicle.
  6. Maybe looking for second Jeep? Questions and thoughts

    The Gladiator is a good vehicle. However, it is not always a good replacement for a Ford truck. Make sure there is enough space in the back to carry the things that you usually carry in your F150. What do you normally buy from Home Depot and carry home? What will happen when your brother...
  7. I want 37's but my gut says 35's on wife's daily driver.

    They don't know what will make them happy. Hmmm... How many times have I been in that position?
  8. I want 37's but my gut says 35's on wife's daily driver.

    Hilarious!!! I believe that 35's are the end of one cost category and 37's are the start of another cost category. With 37's you will need to think about replacing steering components more often because of the additional weight of the tires. You will need to think about re-enforcing the tail...
  9. 2 Lite Brites?

    I have recently noticed a second pair of people on Youtube using the Lite Brite name. Can someone let me know what is happening? So this is the Lite Brite with which I am familiar. Then there is this Lite Brite.
  10. My first YouTube video.

    They will start to smell. Then you have to get the smell out of the Bronco. I learnt all this on Netflix.
  11. My first YouTube video.

    Just make sure you have enough content to do one each week. If you don't, then choose a more realistic schedule. Content is king. If you run out of things to say, people will stop watching.
  12. My first YouTube video.

    Good content. Good presentation. You seem very relaxed in front of the camera. You had me laughing from time to time. You need to hold the attention of a wide cross section of viewers to be successful. Don't do anything too extreme. On another issue... I hope I don't get lost in the...
  13. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Take a deep breath people. They are just sharing their opinion. You should have seen the reaction to this video in the Jeep community. It got to the point where our friends at TFL interviewed Jeep's chief engineer about the video.
  14. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Dude... You must have slept with this wife or something.
  15. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    That is just not right. What kind of sick person does things like this?
  16. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Just by a bit.
  17. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    No one is saying that Broncos are not off road capable. Lite Brite is not saying that. They are just looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle. The first time I saw a Lite Brite video I was shocked. I never knew that modified Jeeps could climb up rocks like that. Few people...
  18. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Quite often I read posts from people who have sold their Jeeps because they don't like how it drives. One person said he bought his as a replacement for a Japanese car and he was disappointed. I understand what they are saying. A solid axle will not drive like IFS on the road. IFS will...