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  1. No more 392?

    I thought I read article like so many years from now every vehicle has to get like so many miles per gallon or they can't make them. so I can't imagine them making the hellacat or the hemi anymore
  2. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Yes I know it's a Jeep like a lot of people say but those tires have got to be loud on the highway. My Cooper SST pros in 37s about 15,000 miles on them just got too damn loud I want to hear the radio and talk on the phone LOL without people saying I can't hear you I'm going back to the ridge...
  3. Brake caliper bolts missing

    Do you think at the dealership doing a oil change they do a all safety inspection they always say and they do and would look at the brakes pads that way and un do those bolts ? I thought they could just look from out side the wheel and see the pads a little ? And doesn't it look like a little...
  4. Brake caliper bolts missing

    Yes my friend that has a shop put lock tight on the new bolts that he ordered. You say you seen this same issue on this forum before? What did somebody say before that there's fell out ? They say they're not torqued from the factory. But I can't believe they just vibrated loose 22,000 miles...
  5. Brake caliper bolts missing

    No there were no marks on the wheel that's one of the first things he spotted. then he looked underneath there he said I wonder why there was a mark on the inside of the wheel. I could have died the wheel could have split into and I could have flipped the Jeep. It could have killed me...
  6. Brake caliper bolts missing

    The jeep has 22,000 miles on it. Wheels and tires have not been off except to get rotated a couple weeks prior to finding this. And the oil change was done about the same time a couple weeks prior to finding this. Discount tires not going to take that off it had to be the dealership and they did...
  7. Brake caliper bolts missing

    Has anyone ever had their brake caliper bolts fall out? No one has done any brake jobs or anything to my JL Rubicon Jeep where they would have had to take the bolts out. The other day I noticed my wheel on the inside deep cut going around it further looking at it I noticed both bolts to the...
  8. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    I got mollie bags also but i take the hard top off all summer and someone would steal things if i put to nice of things on it
  9. Fobless key

    They make key chains that are water proof and up north where they snow ski and south where we water ski and use water craft we have little containers for your wallet or keys that are water proof so you don't have to leave your key fob in your car or truck or Jeeps. These has been around for...
  10. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    it'll be hard to find that red color in a spray can. Powder coaters have minimum charges though when I went and got a bunch of light brackets for my Baja pro lights. I wanted all the brackets black and they had a minimum for like $150 to do some screws and a little bracket. What are you doing...
  11. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    So that's a diesel sport not a Rubicon and with a 2.5 in lift it sits that high? I I know you did the fender delete kit on those Rubicon fenders which give you more clearance but I've got the muffler 2.5 lift which lifted about 3 in and I was going to do the American venture fender delete light...
  12. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    So did you drill a hole first or just screw the screws into the door ? I guess you just hold it up and mark where to drill the holes ? I wander if they match the red good or better off taking some where my self and get it matched up on power coated myself ? What did yo pay for the power coating ?
  13. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Methods 305 I think it is. It's been 3 years since I bought them pretty sure that's what it is. I started to get red Wheels but I'm glad I didn't not on the White. I think the sting Gray Jeep color looks good with red Wheels. I've been real happy with the methods though. I had fuel wheels...
  14. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    That does look so good. I bet the red would really pop out on my Jeep put the red dash. You remember what you paid for the set for the front?
  15. Show Me Your MOLLEs

    That's what I was thinking the red would make it pop out more. You didn't do the rear doors yet or are you going to do them? And do they just screw in or how do they install if I remember right I think it was about 180 bucks for the front side is that right or sound about right
  16. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    2.5 Mopar lift just for control arms 37 12.5 17 Cooper SST pros. But the Mopar 2.5 actually lifts it about 3 inch's rugged ridge tube doors which I really like. Even my dog likes them
  17. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    Cool. I live in Dallas Ft Worth where it is very congested on the highways
  18. Post your pics of your aftermarket bumper

    It's up to 7 and the symbol counts as a letter also. You can have sex or seven but we have a thing called Texas plates or my and you can order all the different colors I've got the solid black with white letters they've got colleges we even have a high school in Southlake Texas which...
  19. Post your pics of your aftermarket bumper

    I like the steel factory bumper up front also that came on the Rubicon. Y'all's license plates can have up to eight numbers we can only have up to seven in Texas