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  1. Virginia Sold: FS: Mopar roof rack $200

    Mopar roof rack. Used on one camping trip and replaced when the Rhino rack backbone rack became available. I would prefer not to ship if possible with a pick up in Northern Virginia. Price new is over $300 on Quadratec. Looking for $200
  2. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    I enjoying camping with my Jeep. With that being said, I need better pictures out in the wild. Here are a couple at a recent rally. Anyone also have pictures they can share?
  3. I hit a deer going 70 this morning!

    I am so glad I wasn’t driving the week old Jeep!
  4. Rubicon lockers

    So I am familiar with lockers as I have them on my current Rubicon, but my question is which scenario would I only want the rear lockers on and not both? Every time I feel I need them, I lock both in my current Jeep. Would it be for easier steering? (Less hop?)
  5. Blacked out Rubicon wheels

    i am interested in blacking out the Rubicon standard wheels more inline with what some of the first car shows had on display. What are the thoughts on a black decal as opposed to plastic dip spraying the rims? I would like to keep the red Willys logo. I definitely would prefer more of a satin...
  6. Highline fenders vs standard fenders

    Is there any good photos that compare the regular fenders to the highline ones?