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  1. Indiana WTB TUBE DOORS

    Looking for a set of tube doors. (front and rear) for JLU. prefer with mirrors. Does anybody have any to sell ?
  2. Indiana WTB Premium soft top JLU

    Looking for a premium soft top . JLU. New or very nice used. I am in northern Indiana. reasonable distance preferred. thanks.
  3. Indiana Sold: XD wheels / 34" tires

    Selling a set of 5 KMC XD 775 Rockstar wheels (17x9) with Good year Duratrac tires. 315/70 x 17. Tires measure 34". They have just under 20,000 miles on them. (spare is new). Wheels are very nice condition, no scrapes, etc. Includes TPMS. $1200.00 In Bremen, Indiana. These were on our...
  4. Indiana Sold: 5 Rubicon Tires/wheels

    Selling a set of five Rubicon Tires and wheels including OEM TPMS. 2000 miles. Perfect condition. $1200 OBO
  5. WTB tires/wheels

    anybody have a set of KMC, Method, Black Rhino they are ready to part with ?
  6. WTB tires/wheels

    Looking for a set of 5 tires and wheels for my daughters Jeep. 35x12.50/17 black wheels with simulated beadlock ring or true beadlocks. Must be very nice condition Near new or new. located in Northern Indiana
  7. WTB Premium soft top

    Yes I am
  8. Indiana 2020 JLUR tires/wheels

    Hi David, Got a PM that "they would take them". If falls through, I'll call you next. Thanks, Jamie
  9. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Excited to get our new JLUR finished up. Kids are already fighting over who gets to drive it. LOL
  10. Indiana Sold: 2020 JLUR tires/wheels

    Set of 5 new takeoffs. 212 miles Includes TPMS. $1250 Bremen, Indiana
  11. WTB Premium soft top

    Wanting to buy a premium twill soft top for JLU. Close to Indiana.