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  1. FALSE ALARM...Error Display is Aux Switches UnAvailable?

    Had a false alarm this morning...good news, no one was trying to steal her, bad news, went to crank it up and the error message was puzzling...‘Aux Switches Temporarily Unavailable Battery Charging’ Does this merit a trip to the dealer?
  2. Another SiriusXM-Guardian Question

    Our subscription the renewal offer for 5 bucks a month, took the offer, but now learn it doesn’t include the siriusxm stations...called, and no one is of much help, in fact they can’t even find that we paid for the offer. Heres my question the point of just cancelling...
  3. Fob Pocket Clip

    Is anyone making a pocket clip for the key fob....something akin to the clip on a pocket knife, so it doesn’t fall to the bottom of the pocket
  4. Spare Tire Cover/Disc

    The wife wants something along the lines of a semi rigid cover, elastic tire cover but with a rigid face, so she can adhere a decal to it. If anyone has been around long enough to have driven a ‘Jeep’ M151A2, units would simply put their company/battalion crests on wooden or metal discs...