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  1. Indiana WTB TUBE DOORS

    Looking for a set of tube doors. (front and rear) for JLU. prefer with mirrors. Does anybody have any to sell ?
  2. Indiana WTB Premium soft top JLU

    Looking for a premium soft top . JLU. New or very nice used. I am in northern Indiana. reasonable distance preferred. thanks.
  3. Indiana Sold: XD wheels / 34" tires

    Selling a set of 5 KMC XD 775 Rockstar wheels (17x9) with Good year Duratrac tires. 315/70 x 17. Tires measure 34". They have just under 20,000 miles on them. (spare is new). Wheels are very nice condition, no scrapes, etc. Includes TPMS. $1200.00 In Bremen, Indiana. These were on our...
  4. Indiana Sold: 5 Rubicon Tires/wheels

    Selling a set of five Rubicon Tires and wheels including OEM TPMS. 2000 miles. Perfect condition. $1200 OBO
  5. WTB tires/wheels

    Looking for a set of 5 tires and wheels for my daughters Jeep. 35x12.50/17 black wheels with simulated beadlock ring or true beadlocks. Must be very nice condition Near new or new. located in Northern Indiana
  6. Indiana Sold: 2020 JLUR tires/wheels

    Set of 5 new takeoffs. 212 miles Includes TPMS. $1250 Bremen, Indiana
  7. WTB Premium soft top

    Wanting to buy a premium twill soft top for JLU. Close to Indiana.