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  1. Steps for Rubicon AND rock rails?

    @Motobilt just released theirs. I wish i had waited. I've got the JCR variant
  2. $2500 Budget What Would You Get?

    if i'm not mistaken, you can get the 3.75" Rustys Offroad Advanced lift including shocks for 1900ish before shipping. i'm awaiting a few reviews to see if it's the route I want to go.
  3. Who is Running Rustys 3.75 Advanced Kit

    I know it's just hit the market semi-recently.... Just wondering who is running it, what shock did you go with, and how do you like it? On road? off road? and..... go!
  4. Red Dot on Tires

    Kudos @NFRs2000NYC for a concise answer! no BS! no death wobble comment, nothing about a dead spot in steering, or a jeep driving like a jeep. you win the day.
  5. Tall people vs. Jeep

    i'm 6'6" 285 lbs... and it's my daily. much more kush than my TJ was. Not as comfortable as the wifes Yukon, but.... i'll take the trade off. i'm 8K miles into JL life. loving it
  6. Side Steps w/ Rock Rails

    That being said, i've got a perfectly good set of Rubi Rails if someone wants to buy them
  7. Side Steps w/ Rock Rails

    well, i wheel the crap out of mine and i wanted the extra protection that the boat sides give you.
  8. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    I've got the tires in 37 on my JLUR. They are great. 7500 miles, plenty of wheeling trips. Smoking the tires not necessary for grip, not sure what that fella was talking about up there. Heck I crawled up a few slabs that had running water on them at Hot Springs ORP a few weeks ago. Heck...
  9. What Vehicle did you have before the JL?

    I made quite a leap from a nice TJ on 35s to a JL on 37s :)
  10. The Tire Carrier Thread

    I'm told in a couple weeks @Motobilt will be releasing their JL carrier.... i certainly hope so.
  11. Giveaway of the Month

    Because Blue and Gold look great together... am i right? @JLURLife on IG : )
  12. falcon steering stabilizer

    if what you are describing is accurate... you need to get your front end looked at. and your tires balanced. a stabilizer only masks the underlying issue. Trackbar/balljoints, tire way out of balance or tread separation, etc. dont waste money on a steering stabilizer, bring it to your dealer...
  13. The Tire Carrier Thread

    that ace price is very tempting though~~!!!
  14. The Tire Carrier Thread

    ooooeeee that @Motobilt carrier is gonna be nice.
  15. M.O.R.E JL Wrangler Build and Parts (SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage)

    was wondering the same thing. I too have the MORE skids. going to scrape them up this weekend!
  16. SEMA photo thread.

    you want pictures of affordable d30 gears? also that fab 4 rear fender... very razr inspired and terrible. just terrible
  17. The Tire Carrier Thread

    @Motobilt tells me they are releasing one eventually. Hope I can wait for it. their bumpers are top notch!
  18. Advice on front bumper

    And yes, i realize there is not a fairlead installed on the first picture. thank you.
  19. Advice on front bumper

    You can't go wrong with @Motobilt .... They offer with and without bull bar, built in "skid" for the sway disco on Rubi's, price is right, welds are artwork, price is killer.
  20. Did you get the proximity entry feature with your JL?

    i didn't get it... wishing i had. hope to add it aftermarket. it seems all the bits are there, just need to get the door handles and enable it using Tazer.